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Majors, Minors, and Programs

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Program Degree Major Minor Concentrationinfo Pre Professionalinfo Teaching Certificationinfo kwds desc tags school department
Accounting B.S. Accountingis a major Accountingis a minor checked       math, cpa, auditing, finance, banking, tax, taxes, forensic, accountant Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Administrative Studies     Administrative Studies is a concentration     history, public history, business A directory of all academic offerings undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Adventure Education B.A. Adventure Educationis a major Adventure Educationis a minor checked       outdoor, recreation, guide, park, ranger, leadership, education, experiential, adventure programming, adventure tourism, leisure, therapeutic recreation, adventure therapy, wilderness, camping, camp, park management, ranger, guide, rock climbing, caving, mountaineering, backpack, canoe, kayak, rafting, paddling, challenge course, adventure travel, outfitter, outdoor youth ministry, camp counselor, tour guide, nature Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
African American Religion and Culture   African American Religion and Cultureis a minor checked       history, culture, race, literature, black Americans, religion, politics, ethnic Messiah College undergrad_f,minor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
American History     American Historyis a concentration     culture, colonial, usa, civil war, modern, public, policy, museum, United States Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Applied Health Science B.S. Applied Health Scienceis a major         physical therapy, health care, health-care, training, physiology, anatomy, athletics, research, pre-med, premed, health, exercise, health and exercise Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Applied Health Science Science/MSOT in Occupational Therapy B.S. Applied Health Science Science/MSOT in Occupational Therapyis a major         occupational therapy, health care, health-care, training, physiology, anatomy, athletics, research, Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fdual_degree_f,
Art (Business) B.A. Art (Business)is a major         management, finance, marketing, publicity, advertising, promotion, art, artist, business Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Art and Design     Art and Designis a concentration     graphic, visual, digital, animation, videography, photography, motion design, computer, technology, digital media, graphic designer, graphic design, artist, art Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Art Education B.S. Art Educationis a major       Art Educationis a certification program teacher, elementary, k-12, secondary, high school, teaching certification, teach, art ed, art teacher Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fcertification_f,
Art History B.A. Art Historyis a major Art Historyis a minor checked       architecture, museum, western, renaissance, medieval, art, artist Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Art, Studio B.F.A. or B.A. Art, Studio is a major Art, Studio is a minor checked       history, visual, photography, ceramics, sculpture, drawing, painting, fiber arts, pottery, graphic design, two dimensional, three dimensional, print making, graphic designer, artist, 3D, art Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Athletic Training B.A. Athletic Trainingis a major Athletic Trainingis a minor checked       sports, trainer, exercise, therapy, medicine, personal trainer Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Bible   Bibleis a minor checked Bibleis a concentration     pastor, religion, theology, Christianity, christian education, New Testament, Old Testament, hermeneutics, scripture, interpretation, youth pastor, minister, ministry Messiah College undergrad_f,minor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fconcentration_f,undergraduate_f
Biblical and Religious Studies B.A. Biblical and Religious Studiesis a major         pastor, religion, theology, Christianity, christian education, ministry, doctrine, Greek, Hebrew, youth, youth leader, minister, Bible Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Biochemistry B.S. or B.A. Biochemistryis a major         chemistry, biology, science, medicine, molecular, research, pre-med, premed, doctor, pharmacy, pharmacist, Messiah College major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Biochemistry B.A. with Doctor of Pharmacy B.A. Biochemistry B.A. with Doctor of Pharmacyis a major         chemistry, biology, science, medicine, molecular, research, pharmacology, pharmacist, pharmacy, Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fdual_degree_f,
Biology B.S. Biologyis a major Biologyis a minor checked     Biologyis a certification program biomedical, cellular, ecological, organismal, environmental, zoology, medicine, doctor, pre-med, premed, teaching certification, biology education, biologist, microbiologist Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fcertification_f,
Biology for Environmental Science Majors   Biology for Environmental  Science Majorsis a minor checked       environment, ecology, sustainability, biology, science, nature, earth Messiah College undergrad_f,minor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Biomedical Biology     Biomedical Biologyis a concentration     medicine, research, chemistry, microbiology, bioethics, pre-med, premed, biologist Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Biomedical Engineering     Biomedical Engineeringis a concentration     medical research, prosthetics, medical equipment, technology, human body, body, biomedical, engineering Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Biopsychology B.S. Biopsychologyis a major         biology, psychology, occupational therapy, psychiatry, neuroscience, behavioral health, neuroscience, occupational therapy, addiction, behavioral neuroscience, physiological science, research, pre-med, premed, psychologist Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Biopsychology B.S. with MSOT in Occupational Therapy B.S. Biopsychology B.S. with MSOT in Occupational Therapyis a major         biology, psychology, occupational therapy, psychiatry, neuroscience, behavorial health, psychologist, mental health Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fdual_degree_f,
Broadcasting and Media Production B.A. Broadcasting and Media Productionis a major Broadcasting and Media Productionis a minor checked       broadcasting, TV Anchor, News Anchor, Sports Anchor and Sports Announcer, news, television, reporter, anchor, journalist A directory of all academic offerings undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Business MBA           business, marketing, entrepreneurship, leadership, management, MBA, marketer, advertising A directory of all academic offerings graduatep_ft,
Business (Economic Development)     Business (Economic Development) is a concentration     microfinance, economic development, development, economics, management, finance, money A directory of all academic offerings undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Business Administration B.S. Business Administrationis a major Business Administrationis a minor checked       accounting, finance, marketing, operations, technology, human resources, entrepreneurship, leadership, management, small business, family business, law, international, global, innovation, development Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Business Information Systems   Business Information Systemsis a minor checked Business Information Systemsis a concentration     computer, technology, programming, networking, applications, database, webmaster, website Messiah College undergrad_f,minor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fconcentration_f,undergraduate_f
Cellular Biology     Cellular Biologyis a concentration     molecular, genetics, medicine, immunology, healthcare, biologist, cells, biology Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Chemistry B.S. or B.A. Chemistryis a major Chemistryis a minor checked     Chemistryis a certification program science, organic, inorganic, medicine, research, laboratory, teaching certification, chem, chemistry, scientist, chemist Messiah College major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fcertification_f,
Children and Youth Services   Children and Youth Servicesis a minor checked       child development, family, counseling, psychology, therapist, counselor, therapy, child life, child life specialist, child care, human services, family advocate, parenting, foster care, adoption, social services Messiah College undergrad_f,minor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Chinese Business B.A. Chinese Businessis a major         China, language, international, culture, economics, economic development, global trade, business Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Chinese Studies B.A. Chinese Studiesis a major Chinese Studiesis a minor checked     Chinese Studiesis a certification program literature, language, culture, history, religion, politics, international, China, Chinese, mandarin Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fcertification_f,
Christian Ministries B.A. Christian Ministriesis a major         pastor, religion, theology, Christianity, christian education, missions, counselor, youth, youth leader, youth pastor, Bible Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Church Media     Church Media is a concentration     digital media, worship, production, music, A directory of all academic offerings undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Church Music   Church Musicis a minor checked       worship, church, singer, performance, performer, contemporary music, producer, songwriting, music, musician Messiah College undergrad_f,minor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Civil Engineering     Civil Engineeringis a concentration     structural design, resource management,construction, mechanics, environment, building, bridge, bridges, civil engineer, transportation, Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Classical and Medieval European History     Classical and Medieval European Historyis a concentration     greece, rome, world civilization, archaeology, culture, history, Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies   Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studiesis a minor checked       greece, rome, world civilization, archaeology, culture, history Messiah College undergrad_f,minor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Clinical Psychology     Clinical Psychologyis a concentration     counseling, therapy, behavioral health, psychiatry, research, human development, health care, human development, psychological testing, psychology, therapist, counselor, psychotherapy Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Commercial Music     Commercial Musicis a concentration     performance, music business, art, management, songwriting, composition, musician, music, Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Communication B.A. Communicationis a major Communicationis a minor checked       journalism, public relations, broadcasting, media, advertising, marketing, event planning, social media, film, journalist, reporter, PR, event planner, Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Community and Urban Development     Community and Urban Developmentis a concentration     planning, policy, social justice, economics, leadership, sustainability, sociology, culture, city Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Composition     Compositionis a concentration     composing, composer, songwriting, music theory, music, musician Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Computer and Information Science B.S. Computer and Information Scienceis a major         technology, database, programming, applications, information systems, design, coding, mysql, web management, software development, computer, software developer, web manager Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Computer Engineering     Computer Engineeringis a concentration     technology, database, programming, applications, information systems, design, coding, mysql, web management, software development, software developer, web manager Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Computer Science   Computer Scienceis a minor checked Computer Scienceis a concentration     techonology, database, programming, applications, information systems, design, coding, mysql, web management, software development, software developer, web manager Messiah College undergrad_f,minor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fconcentration_f,undergraduate_f
Conducting M.M.           music, music education, education, band, band teacher, music teacher, orchestra, orchestral, choral, voice, wind, certificate, musician, conduct, conductor Messiah College graduatep_ft,
Congregational Ministries   Congregational Ministriesis a minor checked Congregational Ministriesis a concentration     worship, minister, pastor, preaching, bible, counseling, evangelism, missionary, mission, world missions, missiology, world Christianity, church, ministry Messiah College undergrad_f,minor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fconcentration_f,undergraduate_f
Counseling M.A.           clinical, mental, health, marriage, couple, family, counselor, school, school counselor, family counselor, family counseling, mental health, clinical mental, therapy, health, therapist Messiah College graduatep_ft,
Creative Writing   Creative Writingis a minor checked       poetry, drama, nonfiction, fiction, memoir, writer, writing, creative, author Messiah College undergrad_f,minor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Criminal Justice B.A. Criminal Justiceis a major Criminal Justiceis a minor checked       police, law, enforcement, security, corrections, social welfare, probation, rehabilitation, victim assistance, advocacy agencies, offender, crime, Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Cross-Cultural Ministries   Cross-Cultural Ministriesis a minor checked Cross-Cultural Ministriesis a concentration     missions, international, religion, evangelism, christian, theology, minister, church, ministry Messiah College undergrad_f,minor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fconcentration_f,undergraduate_f
Dance B.A. Danceis a major Danceis a minor checked       ballet, jazz, tap, theatre, performance, choreograph, arts, ministry, theater, dancer, performer Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Digital Media B.A. Digital Mediais a major         computer, digital editing, art, communication, film, production, video, graphic, design, graphic designer, artist Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Digital Video and Story     Digital Video and Storyis a concentration     computer, digital editing, art, communication, film, production, video, graphic, design, scripting, digital media, graphic designer, artist Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Disability and Family Wellness   Disability and Family Wellnessis a minor checked       family science, aging, children, intervention, therapy, disabilities, healthcare, care, family A directory of all academic offerings undergrad_f,minor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Early Childhood Education   Early Childhood Educationis a minor checked       preschool, pre-school, teaching, child, development, teach, teacher, nursery school, child care, childcare, teacher assistant, teacher aide, aide, Messiah College undergrad_f,minor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Ecological Biology     Ecological Biologyis a concentration     plants, environment, sustainability, animal, science, wildlife, research, biology, biologist, environmental, fish, geologist, ecology, zoology Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Economic Development B.A. Economic Developmentis a major Economic Developmentis a minor checked       business, community, development, planning, international, urban, economics, micro-finance, policy, sustainability, public policy, economist Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Economics B.S. or B.A. Economicsis a major Economicsis a minor checked       business, policy, micro, macro, economics, financial, law, economist, finance, financial planner Messiah College major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Education   Educationis a minor checked       teacher, teach, elementary, k-12, secondary, high school, Early childhood, child development, elementary, pre-k-grade 4, children, school Education Major Messiah College undergrad_f,minor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Education M.Ed.           special education, teaching, english, language, tesol, teacher, ESL, TESOL, autism, autism spectrum, educator, certificate, certification, Act 38, curriculum, instruction, school, Messiah College graduatep_ft,
Education with Dual Teaching Certification in Grades PreK-4 and Special Education (Grades N-8) B.S. Education with Dual Teaching Certification in Grades PreK-4 and Special Education (Grades N-8)is a major       Education with Dual Teaching Certification in Grades PreK-4 and Special Education (Grades N-8)is a certification program teacher, elementary, k-4, behavioral, disabilities, social disabilities, learning disabilities, Intervention specialist, special education, special needs, learning disabilities, emotional disorders, behavioral disorders, physical disabilities, developmental disabilities, gifted, special, teach, school, Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fcertification_f,
Education with Teaching Certification in Grades 4-8 B.S. Education with Teaching Certification in Grades 4-8is a major       Education with Teaching Certification in Grades 4-8is a certification program teacher, middle school, secondary, Middle Level, Middle grades, intermediate school, junior high school, teach, school, Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fcertification_f,
Education with Teaching Certification in Grades PreK-4 B.S. Education with Teaching Certification in Grades PreK-4is a major       Education with Teaching Certification in Grades PreK-4is a certification program teacher, elementary, k-4, Early Childhood, Early Childhood and Preschool, Child Development, childcare, developmentally appropriate practices, infants, toddlers, teach, pre-school, nursery school, school Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fcertification_f,
Electrical Engineering     Electrical Engineeringis a concentration     computer, analog, circuits, electro magnetics, electronic, engineer, technology Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Engineering BSE Engineeringis a major         math, science, technology, design, manufacturing, biomedical, civil engineering, computer, electrical, mechanical, engineer Messiah College major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
English B.A. Englishis a major Englishis a minor checked     Englishis a certification program writing, reading, literature, creative, fiction, non-fiction, non fiction, communication, teaching certification, Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fcertification_f,
Entrepreneurship     Entrepreneurshipis a concentration     business, management, sales, business owner, owner, venture, innovation, leadership, entrepreneur, marketer Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Environmental Engineering     Environmental Engineeringis a concentration     eco systems, sustainability, solar, bio diesel, gis, energy, alternative, energy, environment, engineer Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Environmental Science B.S. Environmental Scienceis a major Environmental Scienceis a minor checked       biology, ecology, sustainability, eco systems, planning, law, landscape, architecture, marine science, earth, scientist, biologist Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Environmental Science for Biology Majors   Environmental Science for Biology Majorsis a minor checked       biology, ecology, sustainability, eco systems, planning, law, landscape, architecture, marine science, biologist, environment, environmental, scientist Messiah College undergrad_f,minor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Ethnic and Area Studies B.A. Ethnic and Area Studiesis a major   Ethnic and Area Studiesis a concentration     culture, geography, anthropology, sociology, communication, studies, intercultural, social, justice, anthropologist Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fconcentration_f,undergraduate_f
Exercise science     Exercise scienceis a concentration     exercise, fitness, wellness, science, coach, trainer, personal trainer, recreation, rehabilitation, occupational therapy, therapist A directory of all academic offerings undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Family and Consumer Sciences Education B.S. Family and Consumer Sciences Educationis a major       Family and Consumer Sciences Educationis a certification program teacher, food, nutrition, families, child development, family resource management, human development, family, teach, family science, education, Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fcertification_f,
Film and Media Arts B.A. Film and Media Artsis a major         production, screenwriting, directing, edit, cinematography, film, digital media, screenwriter, videographer, editor, Cinematographer, Video Producer, Production assistant, animation, animator A directory of all academic offerings undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Finance     Financeis a concentration     accounting, investing, business, investment, management, planning, economics, math, mathematics, banking, money, financial, financial planner Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Foods and Nutrition   Foods and Nutritionis a minor checked       diet, dietetics, science, chemistry, food services, research, health, nutrition Messiah College undergrad_f,minor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
French B.A. Frenchis a major Frenchis a minor checked     Frenchis a certification program language, culture, literature, international, history, politics, religion, teaching certification, teach Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fcertification_f,
Gender Studies   Gender Studiesis a minor checked       sexuality, men, women, culture, policy, sociology, feminism, anthropology, anthropologist, female, male, gender Messiah College undergrad_f,minor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
General Biology     General Biologyis a concentration     biomedical, cellular, ecological, organismal, environmental, zoology, medicine, doctor, biology, biologist, environment, zoologist, Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
German B.A. Germanis a major Germanis a minor checked     Germanis a certification program language, culture, literature, international, history, politics, religion, teaching certification, teach Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fcertification_f,
Gerontology   Gerontologyis a minor checked       elder, care, health, adult development, law, long term, long-term, counseling, older adults, aging, old, gerontologist Messiah College undergrad_f,minor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Graphic Design and Digital Art     Graphic Design and Digital Artis a concentration     computer, multi-media, typography, new media, illustrations, book design, motion design, animation, graphic design, graphic designer, artist Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Health and Exercise Science   Health and Exercise Science is a minor checked       conditioning, anatomy, human performance, human science, coaching, physical fitness, fitness, training, personal trainer, trainer, coach A directory of all academic offerings undergrad_f,minor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Health and Physical Education B.A. Health and Physical Educationis a major       Health and Physical Educationis a certification program teacher, teaching, gym, dance, sports, athletics, health, elementary, high school, k - 12, teaching certification, teach, physical education Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fcertification_f,
Higher Education M.A.           academic, support, services, athletics, student affairs, administration, advisor, coach, coaching, student activities, multicutlural, residence life, sport management, athletics management, leadership, TESOL, teaching, English Messiah College graduatep_ft,
History B.A. Historyis a major Historyis a minor checked       communication, research, history, humanities, teacher, teach, social studies, museum, historic, preservation, historian, public history, Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Human Development and Family Science B.A. Human Development and Family Scienceis a major Human Development and Family Scienceis a minor checked       children, families, marriage, sexuality, multi cultural, counseling, human services, adolescent, family dynamics, family life education, life span, children and youth services, gerontology, gender studies, multicultural families, disability, family wellness, pre-marriage, pre-marital, family therapy, therapist, counselor Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Human Resource Management   Human Resource Managementis a minor checked Human Resource Managementis a concentration     business, training, recruitment, personnel, employees, benefits, labor relations, compensation, benefits, organizational, leadership, motivation, change, vocation, development, behavior Messiah College undergrad_f,minor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fconcentration_f,undergraduate_f
Human Services   Human Servicesis a minor checked       family, counseling, policy, youth, social welfare Messiah College undergrad_f,minor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
International Business B.S. International Businessis a major         culture, micro finance, development, global, economics, management, trade, finance, international, marketing, business, worldwide Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
International Relations     International Relationsis a concentration     language, culture, history, policy, economic development, economics, politics, Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Journalism B.A. Journalismis a major Journalismis a minor checked       writing, reporting, media, english, editing, newspaper, magazine, news,broadcast journalism, television journalism, TV reporter, reporter, broadcast, journalist, writer Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Leadership   Leadershipis a minor checked Leadershipis a concentration     management, business, team work, organizational, theory, development, communication, influence Messiah College undergrad_f,minor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fconcentration_f,undergraduate_f
Literature     Literatureis a concentration     books, reading, English, communication, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama, Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Marketing B.S. Marketingis a major Marketingis a minor checked       business, advertising, promotion, strategy, research, retail, consumer behavior, consumer, public relations, social media, media, statistics, analysis, mobile marketing, sales, marketer, advertiser, Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Mathematics B.A. Mathematicsis a major Mathematicsis a minor checked     Mathematicsis a certification program teaching, statistics, actuary, calculus, physics, research, equations, math, teacher, mathematician Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fcertification_f,
Mechanical Engineering     Mechanical Engineeringis a concentration     design, industrial, mechanics, manufacturing, CAD, drafting, math, science, physics, engineer, Design engineer, Manufacturing engineer, Product designer, Materials analysis, Product development Product support Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Media Management and Research     Media Management and Research is a concentration     leadership, business, media, management, mass media, sales, market research, marketer, news A directory of all academic offerings undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Media Production     Media Production is a concentration     Broadcasting, technology, news, editing, multimedia, radio, television, producer, videographer, production, production assistant, sound, sound coordinator, lighting, lighting technician A directory of all academic offerings undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Mobile Application and Game Design     Mobile Application and Game Designis a concentration     digital art, video, animations, mobile, code, coding, computers, programing, web development, information systems, digital media, animator, artist, video game, app designer Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Modern European History     Modern European Historyis a concentration     culture, religion, politics, research, government, history, europe Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Molecular Biology B.S. Molecular Biologyis a major         medicine, research, chemistry, veterinary, animal behaviors, ecology, health care, healthcare, biology, biologist, molecular biologist Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Multicultural Families   Multicultural Familiesis a minor checked       human development, marriage, family, ethnicity, human services, family science, minorities, ethnic Messiah College undergrad_f,minor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Music B.A. Musicis a major Musicis a minor checked       performance, art, songwriting, composition, directing, conducting, instrumental, voice, jazz, choral, orchestra, symphony, wind instruments, percussion, music, musician, composer, conductor Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Music (Business) B.A. Music (Business)is a major         performance, art, management, agent, promotion, events, arts, marketing, music, musician, business Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Music (Music and Worship) B.A. Music (Music and Worship)is a major         ministry, performing, pastor, musician, theology, music A directory of all academic offerings undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Music Education B.S. Music Educationis a major       Music Educationis a certification program teacher, theory, voice, instrumental orchestra, k- 12, elementary, secondary, high school, middles school , choir, chorus, music, musician, teach, school Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fcertification_f,
Music Performance B.M. Music Performanceis a major         singing, opera, dance, conducting, theatre, commercial, theory, stage, symphony, orchestra, instrument, theater, performer, musician, music Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Musical Theatre BFA Musical Theatreis a major         music, theatre, performance, singing, acting, performer, theater, musician Messiah College major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Nursing BSN Nursingis a major         nurse, registered nurse, RN, BSN, medical, health care, healthcare, human anatomy, community health, clinical, hospital Messiah College major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Nursing (DNP, MSN, RN-MSN) DNP, MSN, RN-MSN           BSN, MSN, Nurse, clinical, hospital, nurse educator, nursing education, nursing teacher, nurse teacher, nursing, certificate Messiah College
Nutrition and Dietetics B.S. Nutrition and Dieteticsis a major         food, science, public health, medical, food service, rd, registered dietitian, wellness, health care, healthcare, Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Organismal Biology     Organismal Biologyis a concentration     science, research, genetics, bio technology, plants, animals, fungi, organisms, biologist, scientist Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Peace and Conflict Studies B.A. Peace and Conflict Studiesis a major Peace and Conflict Studiesis a minor checked       reconciliation, justice, war, religion, policy, sociology, mediation, non-violence, violence, peace Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Philosophy B.A. Philosophyis a major Philosophyis a minor checked       logic, ethics, epistemology, metaphysics, law, apologetics, critical reasoning, thinking, philosopher, lawyer Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Physics B.S. or B.A. Physicsis a major Physicsis a minor checked     Physicsis a certification program math, mathematics, science, mechanics, research, nuclear, teaching certification, physicist, scientist Messiah College major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fcertification_f,
Political Studies     Political Studiesis a concentration     government, economic development, law, policy, research, culture, legislative, political science, politics, lawyer, judge Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Politics and International Relations B.A. Politics and International Relations is a major Politics and International Relations is a minor checked       government, economic development, law, policy, research, culture, legislative, political science, judge, lawyer Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Politics B.A. with M.S. in Public Policy and Management B.A. Politics B.A. with M.S. in Public Policy and Managementis a major         foreign policy, public affairs, government, political science. judge, lawyer, law, politics Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fdual_degree_f,
Pre-Chiropractic       Pre-Chiropracticis a professional program   medicine, doctor, health, holistic health, chiropractor, back, spine Messiah College undergrad_f,professional_f,
Pre-Counseling and Therapy   Pre-Counseling and Therapyis a minor checked       family, marriage, therapist, counselor, psychology, family service, couple therapy, family therapy, counseling, family, marriage, family service, psychotherapy, counselor, therapist Messiah College undergrad_f,minor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Pre-Law   Pre-Lawis a minor checked       legal, lawyer, paralegal, law, judge, politics, political Messiah College undergrad_f,minor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Pre-Physical Therapy     Pre-Physical Therapyis a concentration     athletic training, health, exercise science, therapist, rehabilitation, rehab, Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Pre-Professional     Pre-Professional is a concentration     doctor, physician, chiropractor, exercise, health, science, rehabilitation A directory of all academic offerings undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Psychology B.S. or B.A. Psychologyis a major Psychologyis a minor checked       research, counseling, experimental, social research, cognition, behavior, development, abnormal, addiction, biopsychology, counselor, therapist, psychologist Messiah College major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Public History     Public Historyis a concentration     museum, archives, archeology, preservation, research, digital history, archaeology, archeologist, archaeologist Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Public Policy     Public Policy is a concentration     economics, development, advocacy, government, business, politics, strategy A directory of all academic offerings undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Public Relations B.A. Public Relationsis a major Public Relationsis a minor checked       media, communications, event planning, crisis management, social media, writing, persuasion, business, marketing, event planner, marketer, crisis, writer, Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Religion   Religionis a minor checked Religionis a concentration     bible, ministry, theology, Christian, world, church history, religious history, minister, pastor, Messiah College undergrad_f,minor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fconcentration_f,undergraduate_f
Social Studies         Social Studiesis a certification program teaching, education, teacher, high school, secondary, history, politics, government, teach, school Messiah College undergrad_f,certification_f,
Social Work BSW Social Workis a major         therapy, therapist, case work, human services, adults, social justice, advocacy, counseling, counselor, LSW LCSW, social services, social worker Messiah College major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Socio-Cultural Perspectives on Education   Socio-Cultural Perspectives on Educationis a minor checked       culture, diversity, urban, sociology, teacher, teaching, teach Messiah College undergrad_f,minor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Sociology and Anthropology B.A. Sociology and Anthropologyis a major Sociology and Anthropologyis a minor checked       cross cultural, justice, research, global, world, community, public, social, urban, development, people, human services, missions, international, culture, sociologist, anthropologist Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Software Development     Software Developmentis a concentration     application, web, website, database, gaming, computer, technology, programing, programming, software developer, developer Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Spanish B.A. Spanishis a major Spanishis a minor checked     Spanishis a certification program language, culture, history, policy, politics, teaching certification, espanol, teach Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fcertification_f,
Spanish Business B.A. Spanish Businessis a major         language, international, culture, economics, economic development, global trade, Latin America, business, marketing, Spanish Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Sport Management B.A. Sport Managementis a major Sport Managementis a minor checked       business, athletics, administration, sponsorship, marketing, management, law, sports, marketer, coach Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Statistics   Statisticsis a minor checked       math, mathematics, data, analyze, actuary, biostatistics, statistician, mathematician Messiah College undergrad_f,minor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Sustainability (Economic Development)     Sustainability (Economic Development) is a concentration     community, development, agriculture, revitalization, planning, land, developer, sustainable A directory of all academic offerings undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Sustainability Public Policy     Sustainability Public Policyis a concentration     environment, urban development, research, planning, politics, stewardship, sustainable Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Sustainability Studies B.A. Sustainability Studiesis a major Sustainability Studiesis a minor checked       ethics, environmental, urban, rural, development, community, sustainable agriculture, public policy, Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Sustainable Agriculture     Sustainable Agricultureis a concentration     environmental, science, ecological, ecology, biology, sustainability, farming, organic, farm, sustainable Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages   Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languagesis a minor checked     Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languagesis a certification program education, teacher, global, cross cultural, culture, linguistics, writing, reading, linguistic, TESOL, teach, English, language Messiah College undergrad_f,minor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fcertification_f,
Technology and Operations Management     Technology and Operations Managementis a concentration     business, administration, information officer, computer, technology, programming, business systems, leadership, analytics, e-commerce Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Theatre B.A. Theatreis a major Theatreis a minor checked       acting, theater, acting, directing, producing, technical, music, set, design, costume, theatre, performer, actor, actress, musician Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fminor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Theatre (Business) B.A. Theatre (Business)is a major         arts management, promotion, marketing, advertising, business development, fundraising, production, theater, marketer, theatre, Messiah College undergraduate_f,major_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Theology   Theologyis a minor checked Theologyis a concentration     religion, ministry, church, Christian, bible, pastor, minister, doctrine Messiah College undergrad_f,minor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fconcentration_f,undergraduate_f
Three-Dimensional Studies     Three-Dimensional Studiesis a concentration     ceramics, paper, book, sculpture, furniture, fiber, arts, art, studio, sculptor, studio artist, artist, ceramic, bookmaker, designer, weaver, sculpt, wearable art, clothing, dye, dying, print, printmaking Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Two-Dimensional Studies     Two-Dimensional Studiesis a concentration     drawing, painting, photography, studio, painting, paint, print, painter, print maker, illustrate, illustrator, draw, drawer, photographer Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Undecided           undecided, undelcared, unsure, not sure, don't know A directory of all academic offerings undergrad_f,
Urban Studies   Urban Studiesis a minor checked       economic development, research, culture, social issues, community service, politics, economics, social studies, anthropology, anthropologist, sociology, sociologist Messiah College undergrad_f,minor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_f
Web Management     Web Managementis a concentration     webmaster, online, technology, computer, graphic design, HTML, programing, PHP, design, graphic designer, artist, web manager, web developer, website Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
World Christianity   World Christianityis a minor checked World Christianityis a concentration     global, missionary, Latin America, Asia, religion, mission, missiology, christian, ministry, youth, youth pastor Messiah College undergrad_f,minor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fconcentration_f,undergraduate_f
World History     World Historyis a concentration     global, past, Africa, Asia, middle east, India, history, historian Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Writing     Writingis a concentration     English, grammar, editing, publishing, publisher, reporter, journalism, writer, creative, literature, writer, author, journalist Messiah College undergrad_f,concentration_f,undergraduate_f
Youth Ministries   Youth Ministriesis a minor checked Youth Ministriesis a concentration     pastor, religion, ministry, leadership, evangelism, church, worship, youth, youth pastor, youth leader Messiah College undergrad_f,minor_f,undergrad_f,undergraduate_fconcentration_f,undergraduate_f