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Spring-start students

Information for spring-start students

Spring-start students are those either new, transfer or international students who begin their time at Messiah in the middle of the academic year.

Spring semester technically begins with a three-week intensive we call J-Term (January Term). Incoming spring-start students, however, are required to wait and begin their courses at the start of spring term in early February. The reason for starting after J-Term is so that we can offer spring-start students a comprehensive orientation program. We believe this will help you not only transition well to Messiah College but also provide a solid foundation for your entire Messiah experience (from getting acquainted with campus, to meeting new people/lifelong friends, to participating in a service project). Transitioning to a new school can be challenging, especially mid-year. We want to give students as many opportunities as possible for a successful transition, and we feel that the spring-term start is core to that.

Special information for spring-start transfer applicants

If you have not yet finished your first semester of college, we will review your application file without your college transcript. If you have completed your first semester, we need to have the official transcript of your grades.  In either case, we will need an official copy of your final high school transcript if you have completed fewer than 24 college credits post-high school graduation.