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International Students

FAQs - International Students

Below you'll find answers to some of the most common questions we receive from our international applicants as well as a glossary of terms commonly used in U.S. college admissions.

Student life

Does Messiah College have any student organizations for international students?
How diverse is the student body?
Where do international students live?


Does Messiah College provide counseling/advising for international students?
Can I change my major of study?
Are there any majors for which international students are ineligible?

Financial aid

Does Messiah College offer financial aid to international students?
Can international students work on campus?
I cannot afford to pay the full cost of a Messiah College education. Will my financial need hurt my chances of being admitted?
How much aid do you give to international students?
How do students cover the resulting financial gap of an award that does not meet their full need as demonstrated by the Statement of Finances or FAFSA?
Does Messiah College give loans to international students?
How do I apply for financial aid?
Is there a separate application for merit-based scholarships?
I do not intend to apply for financial aid. Must I still submit Messiah College's Financial Aid Application or the Statement of Finances?
What supporting documents are required to be submitted with the International Financial Form?

Admissions requirements

What is Messiah College's policy on standardized testing?
Do I have to submit the TOEFL?
What is Messiah College's institution code for requesting official score reports from SAT, ACT and TOEFL?
I have taken IB, AP or A-Level courses. Can I get Messiah College credit for them?
Can I apply for entry in the spring (February) semester?
If I have attended a post-secondary institution but would like to start my studies over; can I apply as a first-year student?
What is the mailing address for sending my documents to Messiah College?
Do I need to send official TOEFL or SAT score reports directly from ETS or the College Board??
Do you need my transcripts in the original language or in English?
Can I contact a current international student with my questions?
I have questions that are not addressed in the international FAQ section. Where can I direct these questions?


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