Home-schooled Students

FAQs - Homeschool Students

Messiah University welcomes homeschool students. Currently Messiah has nearly 150 students who were homeschooled during their senior year of high school and many more who were homeschooled at some point in their education. In fact, Messiah has an admissions counselor specially designated to helping homeschoolers and their families navigate the admissions process and answer questions they may have.

Homeschoolers have been drawn to Messiah's high academic priority and expansive academic and career options of more than 85 majors. Outstanding education abroad, internship and career placement programs appeal to homeschooled students who have studied in a non-traditional setting. Homeschooled students have also been impressed with Messiah's commitment to character development through diverse co-curricular opportunities.

  • 4 units in academic English
  • 2 or more units in academic mathematics
  • 2 or more units in academic natural science
  • 2 or more units in academic social studies
  • 2 or more units in academic electives, preferably in foreign language
  • 4 units in additional electives
  1. Complete the application and submit it to the Messiah University Office of Admissions.  The application is free until Nov. 15. Please complete our application online.
  2. Submit a comprehensive transcript of your senior year academic program, as well as your courses and grades for ninth through eleventh grades. Please be sure your transcript is signed by your home educator and includes a cumulative high school GPA. If you have an independent evaluation of your academic progress by a qualified educator, please include that with your transcript. Recommendations are not required.
  3. If you plan to submit standardized test scores official scores from the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) or American College Test (ACT) or Classic Learning Test (CLT) should be sent directly to the Messiah University Office of Admissions. Testing information can be obtained from your local high school counselor or you can contact testing services directly. 

    Messiah University introduced a new test-optional policy in July 2020 that enables students to receive admission and secure scholarships without submitting standardized tests. At this time, tests will still be required for admission into The Honors Program at Messiah University and for select academic programs including engineering, nursing, the Master of Occupational Therapy Accelerated Program and the Doctor of Physical Therapy Early Assurance Program. Messiah University does not require SAT II subject examinations.

Yes, a homeschool student is not required to have a GED or a state-certified diploma to apply. The applicant's transcript, test scores, essay and life experiences will be evaluated on an individual basis to determine if he or she exhibits the scholastic competence and excellence to benefit from and contribute to the Messiah University community.

College credit is typically granted for Advanced Placement scores of three or higher. Messiah also honors the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP). Official transcripts of both AP test results and CLEP test results should be sent to the Messiah University Office of Admissions for evaluation.  Please see our AP/CLEP/IB equivalencies chart.

Messiah University carefully evaluates courses taken at other colleges. In most cases, core curriculum (such as history of western civilization, public speaking, etc.) are applied toward Messiah's General Education curriculum. Course work must be completed at accredited colleges or universities and only grades of C or better will transfer.  Along with the application, an official academic transcript from the college(s) attended must be forwarded directly to Messiah's admissions office. An evaluation of the transfer credit will be completed by our registrar after students have been accepted for admissions. Long distance learning credits are handled in the same manner if completed at an accredited college or university.

Please check out our Guide to Transfer Equivalencies for Messiah General Education Requirement.

Homeschool students who are accepted to Messiah University can apply for all federal, state and institutional aid. There are various ways for a homeschool student to qualify for federal aid. Some students qualify by obtaining a state certified home-school diploma or by completing the GED. Homeschool students can also qualify for federal financial aid if they have completed a secondary school education in a homeschool setting that qualified as an exemption from compulsory attendance requirements under State law. In Pennsylvania, if a student meets the graduation requirements for federal aid, he or she should meet the graduation requirements for state aid.

Homeschool students will be evaluated for academic scholarship in the same way as a traditional high school student. Scholarships for academic excellence and scholastic leadership range from $8,000 to full tuition and can be renewed yearly.

Please call the admissions office (800-233-4220) and ask to speak with our homeschool admissions counselor.