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EpiCenter: Study Abroad



Students studies abroad in England

Prior to 1994, Messiah offered few opportunities for students to study abroad. On average, 32 students were sent out each semester. Now, however, Messiah’s study abroad program has grown immensely and is ranked 11th in the nation.


A Brief History

When the program first began in 1994, it instantly exploded, attracting hundreds of students to experience life beyond Messiah’s borders. The Experiential Programs Information Center (known as the EpiCenter) allowed almost 1,000 students to study abroad.  Nearly 20 programs were approved and offered in its beginning years.


By 1997, the College hired a dean of external programs, allowing the study abroad program to tackle new projects.  Campus wide policies for international education were established, new programs were approved, and improved safety assessments were put in place.


The EpiCenter Is Rocking Worlds

Messiah proudly offers over 30 programs in 40 different countries.  Currently, the program involves about 65% of the student body, giving them opportunities to venture from home and experience the world firsthand.


The mission of the EpiCenter is to provide a safe environment where memories can be made and minds can be transformed.


 “Our goal is to remove the obstacles studying abroad presents,” Director of International Programs Wendy Lippert explains.  Through pre-departure and reentry orientation programs, the EpiCenter makes the transitions as easy as possible. 


Looking Forward

The EpiCenter is currently working to approve new programs offered in four locations: Chile, Uganda, Rwanda, and London. 



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