Welcome to the Messiah Family!

Congratulations on making your decision to join the Messiah community!

Messiah is one amazing place. We know you'll be an incredible addition to our community, and we can't wait to welcome you to campus, future Falcon! Get ready for your arrival by following these steps.

Upon activation of your Messiah University Login, you'll gain access to your Messiah University email. The campus community will use your email to communicate important next steps as you prepare for your first semester on campus. Keep an eye on your inbox to stay on top of your tasks!

Messiah is a residential campus and most students live in campus housing. First-year students are placed in one of our community-building first-year residences, while transfer students will be placed on a floor with other transferring students when possible. For incoming students, housing processes kick-off with the opening of the Nest. Whether you’ll be living on campus or commuting you’ll complete a housing contract. 

The Nest becomes available for fall start students in March and spring start students in November. Students will be emailed at their Messiah University email with additional details.

All full-time students, whether commuting or living on campus, are required to complete all student health forms. Timely completion of health forms ensures that students will be able to arrive to campus and move-in without delay, and will avoid academic registration holds and student account fines.

View the intended major we have on record for you or submit a request to change your major. Please be aware that requested changes are made during business hours, Monday-Friday. We ask that you do not submit more than one change request in a 24-hour period, and that you allow our staff to process your request before submitting another.

Online course registration takes place prior to students' arrival on campus. Keep an eye on your Messiah University email for additional details about course registration. Fall start students will begin receiving information in mid-May while spring start students will begin receiving information in late November or early December.

Your Student ID Card. is your official identification while at Messiah University and will provide you with access to numerous facilities and services on campus.

The Student Financial Services Office provides information, counseling, and financial services to help students and families successfully navigate the financial maze encountered when obtaining a college education. Understanding the next steps and how to pay for college can be confusing and intimidating for students. Our goal is to have you graduate with the least amount of loan debt as possible, and we can explore options to make this possible.

Contact Student Financial Services at

Welcome! The Messiah University community welcomes a vibrant mix of bright students from nearly 40 different countries around the world. Our international population includes all students living abroad (non-U.S. citizens, U.S. citizens and permanent residents).  As you prepare for your first semester at Messiah, the following resources will may be helpful.

A parking permit request must be approved before you may bring your vehicle to campus. General information about parking, including vehicle registration, traffic codes, and parking maps, is available on the Student Vehicle Registration webpage.

Messiah University Information Technology Services provides technology support for incoming and current students. Check out the resources below to learn more about technology recommendations and other important technology topics for incoming students.

Messiah University is deeply committed to student success. We are proud to offer Slingshot Choice, an innovative course materials auto-fulfillment subscription program that prioritizes accessibility and affordability. All new students are automatically opted into Slingshot with a Rental textbook preference. This is our most affordable and popular option. Want to know more? Check out our Slingshot Choice One Minute Video and Flyer.

Still have questions? Contact the Campus Store at We're here and always happy to help!

Student Employment at Messiah University offers financial aid, fosters transferable skills, supports campus departments, and offers flexible work assignments. 

Federal Work Study qualified students will receive notice of a job assignment via their Messiah email prior to the start of their first semester. Students must apply and accept the assignment, at which time a job supervisor will share additional information about the position. Once hired, students will receive an automated email notification with instructions to access the Onboarding system to complete employment forms. Students not qualifying for a federal work-study assignment can view and apply to available student job openings on our website.

Contact or (717) 766-2511, ext. 2900 with questions.

Get ready to be involved in a number of events and activities meant to get you fully immersed into the Messiah culture. Meet new people, make new friends, learn your surroundings and get to know your new home-away-from-home before classes begin!

If you have any questions regarding orientation, please email Jake Edmunds, Director of First Year Experience, at

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