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Get a head start on college while you’re still in high school and save money in the process!

Messiah University’s dual-enrollment program provides high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to take college courses that can satisfy both high school and college credit requirements. At just $150 per credit, you’ll get a head start on your college career and save money in the process!

Dual enrollment FAQs

Program details

  • Online and on-campus courses
  • Spring, summer and fall sessions
  • $150 per credit
  • 20+ courses to choose from

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Messiah University offers online courses during its spring, summer and fall sessions that are open to eligible dual enrolled students.

Summer session

Messiah’s summer online undergraduate courses, which are offered in two distinct six-week sessions. A list of the 2024 summer online courses, including those recommended for dual enrollment students, can be accessed by clicking here. For further information, including a course demo, check out Messiah's undergraduate online website.

Spring and fall session online courses

Messiah offers opportunities for dual enrollment students to take online courses during its fall and spring semesters. Some of these courses are designated solely for dual enrollment students, while others are open to Messiah undergraduates as well.

Messiah is now accepting dual enrollment applications for its fall 2024 courses.

The following asynchronous online courses are planned to be offered (subject to change) during the fall 2024 semester:

  • BUSA 102 Opportunities in Business (one-credit course)
  • CHIN 101 Fundamentals of Chinese I (Synchronous online course with set meeting times; students will connect to a live on-campus class via the internet.)
  • CIS 190 Strategic Use of Information Technology
  • CIS 191 Web Development: Client Side (eight-week course, 8/27-10/18)
  • COMM 105 Fundamentals of Oral Communication
  • ECON 120 Principles of Macroeconomics (eight-week course, 8/27-10/18)
  • EDUC 203 Educational Psychology
  • EDU 209 Principles and Structures of Mathematics
  • ENGL 110 Critical Reading and Writing
  • ENGL 160 Introduction to World Literature
  • FREN 101 Fundamentals of French I
  • HIST 141 US History Survey to 1865
  • MRKT 130 Principles of Marketing (eight-week course, 10/28-12/19)
  • PHIL 101 Problems in Philosophy (eight-week course, 10/28-12/19)
  • PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology
  • SOWK 099 Professionalism in Social Work (one-credit course)
  • SOWK 120 Introduction to Social Welfare and Social Work (Synchronous online course with set meeting times; students will connect to a live on-campus class via the internet.)
  • SPAN 101 Fundamentals of Spanish I
  • SPAN 102 Fundamentals of Spanish II
  • SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish
  • STAT 269 Introductory Statistics

Please discuss course selection with your school counselor to ensure that it meets your specific requirements for high school graduation. All students must apply online for dual enrollment at Messiah University before registering for individual classes.


During the fall and spring semesters of each academic year, Messiah University offers dual-enrollment courses at its main campus, located in Mechanicsburg, PA* This option provides a traditional collegiate classroom experience with face-to-face interaction with professors and classmates. Following the registration of Messiah's undergraduate students each term (fall and spring semesters) the University makes remaining class openings available to dual-enrolled students. For a list of suggested/recommended on-campus courses, contact Matt Reitnour at

View semester dates and application deadlines for dual-enrollment classes

*If you take an on-campus course, you must provide your own transportation to and from campus. Please consult with your school counselor to ensure that the class time does not conflict with your other academic schedules and requirements.

Educators for Tomorrow

Messiah University offers high school juniors and seniors a unique opportunity to explore and experience career possibilities in teaching and education through the Educators for Tomorrow program. 

Learn more about the Educators for Tomorrow program

Benefits of being dual enrolled at Messiah University

Strengthen your potential to graduate from college early.

Start your career or graduate school ahead of schedule while significantly lowering the expense of a traditional four-year degree. Messiah University is a regionally accredited university, so course credit transfers to other institutions.

Experience college life by taking classes taught by Messiah University professors.

Through dual enrollment, you will experience the same curriculum and learning environment as Messiah’s undergraduate students. Plus, you’ll be able to explore your various academic interests which will help make choosing a major easier when the time comes.

Save money now on future college costs.

At Messiah University, we significantly discount (90 percent!) our cost per credit for dual-enrolled students—only $150 per credit!

Plan ahead and start early, and you could graduate from high school with more than a year’s worth of college credit!

Graduating early can save you 1-2 semesters of tuition, room, board and other expenses—while getting a head start on your career or graduate school.

Create a more flexible schedule for yourself in college.

Earning college credits in high school can free up more time in college for a job, athletics or other activities.

Next steps

Before completing an application for dual enrollment at Messiah University, please read our eligibility requirements in the accordion below to ensure that you are eligible to apply.

Apply for dual enrollment for a course taught on Messiah University's campus, at a regional high school campus or during the summer online.

Please submit the following items to complete your application file: 

  • Completed online application for dual enrollment study (If you have started or submitted a first-year application with Messiah, please note that you will need to submit an application for dual enrollment as well.)
    • To do so, log-in to your Admissions Status Page using the same email address and password used to create your first-year application, and then click the button that reads "Start New Application."
    • From there, select “Undergraduate Application” (and then click on the “Dual Enrollment” option.)
  • Official high school transcript demonstrating a GPA of 3.0 or higher*
  • Recommendation for dual enrollment from a school counselor or teacher**          
  • Parent/Guardian Permission form**     

*Official transcripts should be sent via postal mail or through an official electronic sending service. If you have questions about Messiah University's dual enrollment program, please contact Matt Reitnour at:

**Access to the recommendation and permission forms will be provided to the teacher/counselor and parent/guardian for whom you provide an email address in the application. 

Materials submitted via postal mail should be sent to:

Admissions (attn: Dual Enrollment)
Messiah University
One University Avenue
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

Whether you take a dual-enrollment course online or on Messiah University’s campus, you may take a maximum of seven credits per semester at $150 per credit (a 90 percent discount from Messiah’s regular per-credit cost). The majority of courses are three credits, or a total of $450 per course. Students wishing to take more than seven credits may do so at the current part-time student per-credit rate. Dual-enrolled students are responsible for text books and transportation costs.


We welcome dual-enrolled students from public, private, charter, home and cyber schools. To enroll in a Messiah University dual-enrollment course you must meet these eligibility requirements:

  • Entering, or currently in, your junior or senior year of high school and at least 15 years of age at the time you will be participating in the dual-enrollment course
  • Demonstrate a GPA of 3.0 or higher on your high school transcript
  • Provide a positive recommendation from a teacher and/or school counselor* 
  • Submit a Parent/Guardian Permission Form*
  • Satisfy the prerequisite requirements, if any, for the specific courses in which you seek to enroll

*Access to these forms will be made available through the application. If you have any questions, contact Matt Reitnour at


To enable students to complete course registration in a timely fashion, and because space in courses is limited, we offer the preferred application deadlines below. Messiah’s dual enrollment program operates on a rolling admission basis, which means that we will continue to review applications for dual enrollment after the preferred application deadlines.


Preferred Application Deadline

Course Start Date

Summer 2024 (Online) 4/01/2024 Early Session: 5/19, Late Session: 7/7
Fall 2024 7/1/2024 8/27/2024
Spring 2025 12/1/2024 1/13/2025


Congratulations on being accepted for dual enrollment! You’re on your way to getting a head start on your college education. Please be aware that there are a few additional steps detailed on the below web page that you’ll need to take prior to the first day of class. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Matt Reitnour at

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Dual enrollment coursework is for high school juniors and seniors. Complete the following form to receive more information about dual enrollment opportunities at Messiah University.