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God & Science

Central Pennsylvania Forum for Religion and Science

The Central Pennsylvania Forum for Religion and Science, under the direction of Dr. Richard Schaeffer, Professor of Chemistry, sponsors a variety of events, all intended to help promote better understanding of religion and science–including medicine and social science–in this region.  We continue the university’s established tradition of hosting speakers who represent diverse religious and disciplinary perspectives.  Most events take place on our campus, but some are held in other locations.  

All of our events are announced here.  PLEASE BOOKMARK THIS PAGE FOR FUTURE REFERENCE.  Information about each event is also sent by email upon request.  To add your name to our list, or to update your email address, contact Dr. Schaeffer at  

All of our events are open to the public—indeed, it is the people of Central Pennsylvania whom we seek to serve.  Most events are free; any exceptions will be clearly announced.  Our budget comes entirely from contributions.  If you wish to donate to the Forum, please ask Dr. Schaeffer where to send your check.


Events for Fall 2022

  • Ted Davis Lecture
    Tuesday, November 15, at 7:00pm in Alexander Auditorium (Frey 110)

    Please join us as we welcome retired Professor of the History of Science and former director of the Central PA Forum, Dr. Ted Davis, back to the lecture stand.  Ted will speak on the topic:  Why History Matters:  Exposing the Ideological Roots of the "Conflict" Model of Christianity and Science

Events for Spring 2023

  • Loren Haarsma Lecture
    Monday, February 27, at 7:00pm in Hostetter Chapel

    Please join us as we welcome Dr. Loren Haarsma, Associate Professor of Physics at Calvin University, to campus to deliver a talk based on his recent book entitled, “When Did Sin Begin? Human evolution and the doctrine of original sin”.  We look forward to an informative, engaging, and timely talk. 

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