Spiritual Formation at Messiah

Spiritual Formation at Messiah

At Messiah University, we understand Christian spiritual formation as the lifelong process of being transformed by the Holy Spirit into the image of Christ to the glory of God and for the sake of others. We take a holistic approach to spiritual formation and desire to see students transformed in their being, knowing, and doing.

Check out our video to see and hear about faith formation from our director of campus ministries and our students:


Read more in our brochure on the left or click below to see our individual spiritual formation outcomes—the things we hope and pray become true of our students during their time at Messiah.

IDENTITY | Students find their identity in Christ and view themselves as image-bearers and children of God.

CHARACTER | Students cultivate Christlike character.

COMMUNITY | Students develop meaningful relationships in Christian community.

PRACTICE | Students learn and engage in practices that foster healthy spirituality.

SCRIPTURE | Students learn the story of God as told in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.  

CALLING | Students grow in awareness of their spiritual gifts, skills, and abilities toward discerning God’s call on their lives.  

DIVERSITY | Students grow in awareness and appreciation of diverse expressions of the Christian faith.  

WISDOM | Students grow in wisdom to think and act faithfully in a complex world. 

WORSHIP | Students actively engage in a life of worship and service. 

LEADERSHIP | Students develop skills and gain experience in Christian leadership. 

JUSTICE | Students enact Christ’s gospel of peace and justice. 

DISCIPLE-MAKING | Students invite others to learn and follow the person and way of Jesus. 

Spiritual formation at Messiah