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The Learning Center

The Learning Center

Virtual Peer Tutoring at Messiah University

Tutoring Is Now Online?  How Do I Sign Up and Attend?

The beginning process to sign up for tutoring has not changed.  Simply click  Schedule your session according to the prompts and your appointment will be placed on the tutor's calendar.  

Next, instead of meeting with your tutor in person, you will meet with him or her virtually through Zoom.  To do that, click on the below url link associated with your tutor at the time your meeting is supposed to start.  You will then be directed to a waiting room.  When your tutor is available (he or she may be finishing up a session), your tutoring session will begin. If you are disconnected from your session at any point, please use the same link to reconnect with your tutor.  When using Zoom for the first time, it is recommended that you join the session 5 minutes early in case there is software that needs to be downloaded.

Contact us

Location of Tutoring: Zoom, a virtual platform

Hours of Virtual TutoringMonday - Thursday 3:00pm-10:00pm

Contact Person:  Amy Slody

Phone: 717-766-2511 x 7258 (M-F 8-5)


The Virtual Learning Center Defined

Welcome to the Virtual Learning Center. The Learning Center strives to provide students with assistance in achieving and maintaining an elevated level of academic proficiency to be successful within Messiah College’s competitive and rigorous intellectual environment.  It is beneficial to students at all levels of competence.

The Learning Center offers tutoring appointments in a number of subjects, including but not limited to: Biology, Chemistry, Nursing, French, and Calculus.  Individual and group tutoring is offered to all Messiah students free of charge

Tutors work closely with students and professors to focus upon meeting the needs of each individual student. Tutors are upper division students who have already taken and successfully completed the courses in which they are providing assistance.


List of Tutors and Their Subjects

Click here to see a current list of tutors and subjects.

URL Links to Connect with Tutors (The list  below is in the process of being updated.)