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The Learning Center

The Learning Center

Peer Tutoring Center Defined

Welcome to the Learning Center. The Learning Center strives to provide students with assistance in achieving and maintaining an elevated level of academic proficiency to be successful within Messiah University’s competitive and rigorous intellectual environment.  It is beneficial to students at all levels of competence.

The Learning Center offers tutoring appointments in a number of subjects, including but not limited to: Biology, Chemistry, Nursing, Economics, and Computer Programming.  Individual and group tutoring is offered to all Messiah students free of charge

Tutors work closely with students and professors to focus upon meeting the needs of each individual student. Tutors are upper division students who have already taken and successfully completed the courses in which they are providing assistance.  

Contact us

Location of Tutoring:  Murray Library

Hours of  TutoringMonday - Thursday 3:00pm-10:00pm

Contact Person:  Amy Slody

Phone: 717-766-2511 x 7258 (M-F 8-5)


How to Sign Up for Tutoring

To sign up for a face-to-face session with a peer tutor, please go to FALCONlink.  Next, find the Writing Center/Learning Center tab and click on it.  Then, follow the instructions to schedule your appointment.  

Further, if you are struggling in a class and do not see the course listed, we may be able to help.  Please reach out to Amy Slody at to let her know of your needs.  If there are enough students requesting tutoring in that subject, a new tutor will be hired

List of Tutors and Their Subjects

Click here to see a current list of tutors and subjects.