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Writing -- it's a college thing we do. The tutors at the Writing Center want to help you figure out how to write that next paper, creative piece, or admissions essay.

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Writing Center

Our tutors work to improve students' writing proficiency in any area of study through individual sessions with trained peers. We are students, just like you, but we provide another pair of eyes - and because we are writers and readers too, we offer another opinion, before the professor gets it for a grade.  We welcome students to sign up for a session to talk about brainstorming, revising, editing, or any facet of writing.

The Writing Center is staffed by trained Messiah students who understand  the writing process and care about helping you succeed. While we do not edit or write students' work, we will help you discover your strengths and weaknesses in an interactive setting. Then we'll share strategies and methods appropriate for the assignment at hand. Most importantly, we'll offer you the kind of personal attention and expertise that you need in order to become a better writer. 


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Important Contact Info:

Dr. David Dzaka

Carly Laird
Head Tutor

Olivia McCullum
Associate Head Tutor