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Submit Mass Email

How to submit a mass email request for Employees:

  1. Log into MC Square
  2. Click on the "Home" Tab
  3. Click on "Mass Email Request Form" under Employee Quick links
  4. Fill out the form and click submit

How to submit a mass email request for Students:

  1. Log into MC Square
  2. Click on "Mass Email Request Form" under Student Quick links
  3. Fill out the form and click submit

Criteria for Sending a Mass Email

Messiah College offers mass email services to recognized student clubs, or student organizations, and employees through The College Press, a department of Operations. In order to ensure accuracy, appropriateness, minimize redundancy, meet production deadlines and maximize communication effectiveness:

  1. At least 2 full business days of advance notice prior to the distribution of any news item is required.
  2. All news items must be submitted via MCSquare . All articles are subject to edit for grammar, spelling, consistency and editorial policy. News items will be edited in the Associated Press style.
  3. News items submitted/dictated over the telephone will not be accepted.
  4. News items submitted via hard copy will not be accepted.
  5. News items intended for mass email should not exceed one page in length. Some of the documents (depending on length) will be converted into Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format prior distribution. The two formats we can use for embedding images in a mass email are jpeg or pdf. Any other file formats will be sent as an attachment only.
  6. The following information must be included with the news item:
    • Initiator's Name:
      Initiator's Extension:
      Initiator's Title:
      Supervisor's/Advisor's or Admin. Supervisor/Advisor's Name:
      Supervisor's/Advisor's Extension:
      Mass Email Requested Distribution Group (below):
      Requested Mass Email Distribution Date:
    • News Item:
  7. Mass emails are intended for Messiah College news items that arise in the normal course of college business and activities. Personal announcements including the following will not be accepted:
    • prayer requests
    • personal solicitations for monetary contributions
    • personal items for sale
    • announcements from outside organizations (i.e., a program or announcement from an individual's church or civic organization)
    • individual requests for volunteer opportunities
  8. Mass email news items will be sent only one time. The Intercom should be used for items that need to be communicated more than once.
  9. Mass email news items must be initiated by a current Messiah College employee or current student belonging to a Messiah College club or organization.
  10. Exceptions: Exceptions to this policy will be made for unexpected circumstances with the approval of a member of the senior administration.