Department of Art and Design

Department of Art and Design


We are learners and teachers dedicated to the creation, interpretation and encouragement of art and design through the study of art education, art history and studio art.

We develop our abilities to appreciate, comprehend and assess the myriad forms of artistic expression in the past, present and future.

Prospective Students

**Important Information and Dates Regarding the BFA Degree**

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Studio Art requires a portfolio review that should be completed on November 3rd 2017, January 12th 2018, or January 20th 2018. If you cannot attend one of these three dates, you should contact the department through Jean McCauslin ( to schedule an alternative review. The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Studio Art does not require a portfolio review for admission into the program, but all majors interested in the Vollmer Art Scholarship must submit a digital portfolio for review. As an alternative, accepted BA Studio Art Majors may still opt to apply for the BFA degree during their sophomore year review.

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