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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry seeks to equip students with the knowledge and methodologies of chemistry and biochemistry so as to enable them to be informed Christian citizens as well as skilled and ethical practitioners of chemistry, biochemistry and chemical education.

As a program approved by the American Chemical Society, our department offers rigorous courses across all sub-disciplines of chemistry, as well as laboratory and research experiences necessary for preparation as a scientific or health-care professional. Our department places special emphasis on the integration of the knowledge and methods of science with Christian faith.

Graduation group photo 2022

Graduating Class of 2022

Congratulations to our class of 2022!  Everyone's plans are set for next year.  This is what they are doing:

  • Lab Jobs!  Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories
  • Ph.D. Programs!  Pennsylvania State University
  • Medical Schools!  Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine; Penn State University College of Medicine
  • Health-Related Jobs!  Medical Scribe; High School Science Teacher; EMT; ThermoFisher Scientific

Department Superlatives

Congratulations to Nick Tay (Chemistry '14) on the recent publication, in Science, of research he is involved with relative to synthetic organic chemistry in support of better PET scan imaging!  Read all about it at the following links:…/carolina-scientists-discover-new-me…

Congratulations to chemistry alumna, Megan Steves (Chemistry '17), on her recent award from the National Science Foundation's Graduate Research Fellowship Program. Megan is a second-year graduate student at Penn State. The title of her proposal is "Coherent dynamics in plasmonic 2D group (III) metals studied using ultrafast spectroscopy.”

Congratulations to Kelsey Schlegel (Biochemistry '16) who was recently granted a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.  Kelsey is a second-year student at Pennsylvania State University and her project is entitled, "Investigating Mn2+ Doped Nanocrystals for Use in Photocatalysis."  One never knows where a biochemistry major will end up!

Gloria Igihozo (Biochemistry '19) shares her courageous dreams for the future in the September 2017 edition of The Swinging Bridge magazine.

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