Beginning a new research project

Human Subjects Protection Training:

All individuals listed on protocols submitted to the IRB must complete an appopropriate Human Subjects Protection Training course (NIH training or CITI). This includes students, staff, faculty, and non-Messiah personnel. Recently, the NIH has discontinued their free training course, however the slides and quizes are availble. A PDF of the training material and a link to the previous NIH training questions are below. Successful completion is defined as receiving an 80% on the quiz. The last page of the quiz (or completion page of other training) must be uploaded into Axiom before a protocol can be submitted for review.

NIH Protection of Human Research Participants Course Material

NIH Protection of Human Research Partcipants Quiz Questions

How to Submit a Project for IRB Review:

We have recently implemented a new online system for IRB review and managment. All new proposals must be submitted through Axiom Mentor. Instructions and PDF versions of the forms can be found on the Axiom Mentor site. All modifications/amendments to previously approved proposals must still be submitted to Also, any proposals already approved by an outside institution must also be submitted through If you have any questions, please contact the office of the provost.

All IRB proposals must be submitted a minimum of 30 days before expected start of the research. Research involving vulnerable populations (children, elderly, pregnant women, persons with mental impairment, prisoners, etc) will require a full IRB review and may take longer than 30 days. IRB proposals submitted after April 15th will be reviewed the following academic year at the end of August.