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Would you like a free meal?  Stretch those Dining Dollars and build that resumé.  Come work for us!
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***Have you tried Mobile Ordering??***

Messiah University Dining Services now offers mobile ordering through Transact Mobile Ordering. The new app allows students and staff to order and pay for their food before stepping into the restaurant.

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The process is as easy as Order, Pay, Pick up.

  • Order: Use the app to order all your favorite foods from the Falcon or Union.
  • Pay: When you checkout, you can pay using the app. The app is connected to your Messiah account, so you can select your student or staff meal plan, Falcon dollars, or use your credit card.
  • Pick Up: Take your order to the register and show you have paid. If you grab any additional items (like chips, bottled beverages, or grab'n'go items), pay for those at the Register.

If you would prefer not to download the mobile app, you can still order in-store at the kiosk.

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