Dispatch Office

Our Dispatch Office is the heart and soul of The Department of Safety.

The Dispatch Office serves as an informational resource and liaison to the various needs of our campus community. They strive to make your education, employment, or visit here at Messiah University both safe and enjoyable.

Contact us 24/7!


(717) 691-6005 (off campus)
Extension 6005 (on campus)
Extension 6565 (emergency on campus)
9-911 (emergency from on campus phone)
911 (emergency from any cell or off campus phone)


The Dispatch Office is located just inside the main entrance of The Eisenhower Campus Center.


The following is a list of some of the services provided by The Dispatch Office:

  • Dispatches Department of Safety Officers and other campus resources as needed.
  • Provides issuance of temporary cards for lost ID cards to faculty, staff and students.
  • Answers and relays phone calls and radio transmissions for the University and Safety Department.
  • Makes the appropriate calls to outside safety services and higher administration when needed.
  • Serves as a point of reference for visitors and campus community members seeking information about the University and it's activities.
  • Keeps a daily log of all phone calls and radio transmissions.
  • Distributes emergency battery jump packs for dead car batteries.
  • Handles Lost and Found items.
  • Hands out temporary parking permits for visitors.
  • Has direct contact with local emergency services agencies: police, fire, and ambulance.

Lost & Found:

All lost and found items should be turned in to Dispatch Services. All items are held at dispatch for a period of 30 days and every attempt will be made to contact the rightful owner(s). After 30 days, all unclaimed items will be purged.


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