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Diversity Affairs

Diversity Affairs

Welcome to Diversity Affairs

Messiah College's commitment to diversity seeks to build on the Association of American Colleges & Universities' (AAC&U) signature concept of 'inclusive excellence.' Inclusive excellence calls for the development of comprehensive institution-wide policies that promote educational excellence through the pursuit of diversity in the learning environment, curriculum, and teaching. Today, one of the goals of both the College's Strategic Plan and the Diversity Strategic Plan is to infuse inclusive excellence in all areas of life at Messiah College in order to promote cross cultural understanding, global learning, civic responsibility, social justice, peace, and reconciliation, along with sustainable spiritual and environmental practices. Implementing 'inclusive excellence' aids in preparing students to become agents well equipped to adapt, engage, work, learn, and heal within diverse worlds, both at home and abroad. The responsibility for pursuing inclusive excellence is a collective one that falls on the shoulders of every individual and office on campus through the pursuit of opportunities for professional development, training and spiritual formation.

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