Counseling Services

Engle Center Counseling Services


Hours: Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.
Location: Climenhaga Homestead  (see map)

In the 2022-2023 school year, due to coronavirus protocols, Counseling Services will be able to provide both in-person and telehealth mental health counseling to Messiah University students residing in Pennsylvania. Counselor offices will be located in the Climenhaga Homestead. Students can make appointments with counselors by calling 717-796-5357, or by going to either the Engle Center or Climenhaga Homestead.

For urgent assistance please come to our office or call during regular office hours. For after hours and additional emergency resources, visit our emergency resources page.

Why go to Counseling?: Everyone in life will experience times where they will need help. Going to counseling is one of those avenues to getting help. Counseling at Messiah helps students benefit  from their college experiences through educating and enhancing mental health and personal effectiveness. The confidential collaborative environment of counseling between you and a trained professional help you navigate a wide variety of concerns from mental health to relationships and help strengthen you and help facilitate positive change. Whether it is for strengthening positive habits or processing difficult life events, our counselors are here to help all who come.

In Person Counseling: Life as a college student can be both exciting and exhausting. In times of exhaustion and challenges, mental health can suffer. This can result in stress, burn out or other emotional or relational concerns. The Counseling Services at Messiah University are equipped to assist in those times. Counseling Services which are currently located at Climenhaga Homestead provides individual counseling both in person and through TimelyCare’s Telehealth Services

Telehealth: For those who are not available during the hours that in person counseling is offered, Telehealth is the best option to receive the care that you need. Telehealth provided through the TimelyCare app provides you with resources and the ability to match you with a professional of your choosing. Telehealth’s confidential counseling services include both voice or video calls. The ability to choose the professional you would like to communicate with is open to a wide range of multicultural counselors to fit your needs and preferences.


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Information on Counseling Services