Career Planning for Peace and Conflict Studies Majors

Below you will find career and professional development resources for Peace and Conflict Studies majors.  It is essential that you proactively engage in career development as an integral part of your entire Messiah experience.  The key is to start early and incorporate meaningful experiences. 

Remember that your major is a starting point and not a prescription for a narrow list of employment opportunities.  By immersing yourself in your liberal arts education and gaining experience outside of the classroom, you have the opportunity to develop transferable skill sets highly desired by employers and/or graduate programs. Talk with a career coach to find out how to creatively market your major, skills, and experiences to various opportunities.

A major in Peace and Conflict Studies often
leads to careers in the following areas:

A degree in Peace and Conflict Studies can lead to employment in a wide variety of areas where analytical skills are required to identify better responses to humanitarian and justice concerns, where practical skills of conciliation and negotiation are required, and where an understanding of the interconnectedness of the causes of violence is necessary. More specifically, a background in Peace and Conflict Studies will especially equip students with capacities relevant to careers in such areas as diplomacy (including the UN and its affiliates), Third World aid and development (organization and research), mediation services, defense planning, welfare, and public interest work and journalism.

-excerpt from the University of Queensland's School of Political Science and International Studies

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