Dual enrollment is academic programming that enables high school junior and seniors to take college courses that may satisfy high school graduation and college credit requirements. (Check with your school counselor to determine if credits will count towards high school graduation requirements.)

At Messiah University, high-achieving high school juniors and seniors of at least 15 years of age are eligible to apply for dual enrollment. We welcome dual-enrolled students from public, private, charter, home and cyber schools. Learn more about eligibility requirements.

View our application website for additional details.

Messiah University offers several options for dual-enrollment courses:

  • Traditional classroom courses at Messiah's main campus, located in Mechanicsburg, Pa., during the academic year;
  • Online courses during the summer;
  • Courses offered at select local high schools during the academic year.

Yes, provided you have completed your sophomore year of high school and meet the eligibility requirements. If you are a senior and will be graduating in the spring or summer, you can take a summer online course, but not as a dual enrollment student. Instead, you will need to complete the online registration form, and the standard summer online tuition rate will apply.

Whether you take a dual enrollment course on our campus, at a local high school, or during the summer online-as a dual-enrolled student at Messiah University, you may take a maximum of seven credits per semester at a significantly discounted rate of $150 per credit. (The tuition rate for courses associated with the Emerging Health Professionals program is $200 per credit.) The majority of courses are three credits, or a total of $450 per course. Students wishing to take more than seven credits may do so but will be charged the part-time non-degree tuition rate ($1470 per credit for the 2019-2020 academic year) and pro-rated fees. 

No, dual enrollment students are not permitted to audit courses at Messiah University.

Dual enrollment is open to motivated high school juniors and seniors in public, private, charter, home or cyber schools. It is a challenging, enriching and rewarding experience, but it may not be suitable for everyone.

  • Are you a high achiever? Do you enjoy challenging yourself academically? Do you maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher?
  • Are you eager to explore coursework through the framework of both faith and intellect?
  • Do you have excellent time management skills?
  • Do you want a real-world college experience?
  • Are you considering pursuing a college degree in three years?
  • Do you want to gain a head start on your academic and career goals?

If so, Messiah University's dual-enrollment program might be right for you!

  • Dual-enrolled students are expected to purchase their own textbooks. Our bookstore's Textbook Express will make your required textbooks available to you at a reasonable cost prior to the start of the semester.
  • High school host sites may charge an additional $75 application fee for dual-enrollment courses. Visit our Courses & Locations page for details.
  • Dual-enrolled students taking summer online courses will be responsible for a computer and Internet service.
  • Students will also be responsible for costs associated with transportation costs to Messiah's campus or that of a host high school.  
  • Some courses have lab fees in addition to tuition. 
Advanced Placement (AP) students prepare for college by experiencing college-level coursework taught by high school faculty. Students may receive college credit for the course if they score high enough on a final exam. Dual-enrolled high school students are taught by college professors and actually earn college credits the same way a college student would-by taking and passing a college course.

Yes, Messiah University is a regionally accredited college, so its courses transfer to other institutions. Depending on the college and the course of study, a Messiah University course may transfer as a general education course, a major requirement or a free elective. As long as a student earns a C or higher, the course should transfer.

No, you must apply separately for four-year admission to Messiah University. Messiah's Admissions Office, however, will certainly consider your previous success as a dual-enrolled student within a Messiah University class.