Types of financial aid for Graduate students

Types of financial aid available to graduate students

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Messiah University offers many graduate programs discounts to graduate degree and certificate seeking students.

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To recognize the contributions of graduate-level field experience supervisors and clinical supervisors, Messiah University offers a 10% tuition discount to field experience supervisors and clinical supervisors for Messiah University graduate degree or graduate-level certificate programs in nursing, counseling, education, and applied health sciences programs (DPT, MOT, MSAT, MS/DI) who are supervising a Messiah University graduate student.

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A grant is a form of financial assistance that does not need to be repaid. Graduate students may be eligible for the Federal TEACH Grant program which has very specific requirements.

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A loan is a form of financial assistance that requires repayment. Repayment of principal typically begins six months after the student is no longer attending school. Graduate students have a variety of loans available to them. Most students find that their financial obligations can be met by their unsubsidized Direct Loan eligibility, but we've provided information about other loans here as well.

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Messiah University offers a limited number of program-specific scholarships.  You can review these scholarships on the Cost and Aid page under Scholarships.

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Opportunities for graduate students to be employed by Messiah University at the Mechanicsburg, Pa. campus and Winding Hill location.

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Assistance is offered by many employers as an incentive to their employees to obtain their advanced degree. Messiah University offers a deferred tuition payment plan to students in cooperation with their employer.

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Messiah University is happy to welcome veterans and/or their family members to our community. Veterans benefits may be used by those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces, their spouses and dependents, and/or their surviving family members.

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Messiah University does not offer need based graduate scholarships. When program specific scholarships are available, qualified students will be contacted directly by Graduate Enrollment or their Graduate Program Director.

We encourage students to search out scholarship opportunities on their own with organizations they are involved with such as their church, bank, or volunteer organizations.  Online searches with the below trusted sites may yield results as well.


Scholarship Search by Sallie Mae

The NBCC Foundation offers scholarships that are specific for counseling students.


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