Tuition and aid for undergraduate students

How much does it cost to attend Messiah University?...less than you may think!

Tuition at any college is not what it may seem at first glance. That’s the sticker price—and it can be a bit jarring! But as you look deeper into the cost of a college education, you’ll soon discover that the actual price equals the “sticker price” MINUS a package of financial aid—consisting of loans, grants, scholarships and work programs—that the University’s financial aid office will put together for you, making a college education much more affordable than you originally may have thought it would be.

Tuition and Fees        Academic Year 2021-2022  
Basic tuition $37,430
Basic fees (minimum amount Student Government Association and student service fees) $940
Room (double occupancy) $5,970
Meals (maximum costs) $5,250
Total tuition, fees, room and board $49,590
Minus financial aid (average first-year student aid 2020-2021*) ($27,614)
Average total expense $21,976

*Average first-year student aid includes institutional need-based aid, Messiah University scholarships and Federal Stafford Loans. It does NOT include PLUS and alternate loans, and one-time pandemic related awards.

For the best estimate of your cost, please use our Net Price Calculator

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