What do I owe worksheet

What will I owe worksheet

What will I Owe?

This is probably one of the top three questions we hear in our office. The Student Financial Services Office will send you information in May on the semester-based payment plans offered by CASHNet, and in mid-July you will be able to view statements online for the fall semester.

But, until that time, the Financial Aid Offce has provided this worksheet to help you understand approximately how much you will need to pay from your own resources or through additional student loans.  This worksheet produces only an estimate.  It is not your bill from Messiah University and should not be viewed as equivalent to a bill.  Your actual bill will be provided to you from our Student Financial Services Office and is the official calculation of what you need to pay.

This worksheet is included only for your convenience; you do not have to return it to the Financial Aid Office.

Here are some things you need to know before completing this worksheet:

  • This worksheet is based only on the approximate fees that you will be charged by Messiah University.
  • The figures are estimated based on the highest possible costs for enrollment, housing, and meal plans as shown in the left column under Amount; in other words, a worst-case scenario. You can use these figures or you might wish to adjust some of the costs if you know exactly what they will be in your case. Things like tuition and fees will be the same for most people.
  • The calculation in this worksheet does not include costs for things like books, travel and personal expenses. You will need to allow for these items as you plan for your college expenses, and you can include them in the 'Other Costs' field of this worksheet if you wish to do your own estimate of these costs.
  • We estimate that books and supplies could range from $500 to $1,460 for one year.
  • In the Financial Aid Section, you can adjust and add forms of aid according to your actual aid package.
  • The calculation of the approximate amounts you will need to pay for the year and for a semester will be shown under the What You May Owe section at the bottom.

Click here for the interactive worksheet for the 2023-24 academic year

Click here for the interactive worksheet for the 2024-25 academic year