Club Forms


Here's a list of online forms, printable forms, and "how to" instructions to make your club's event a success!

Any questions about any of the following, e-mail or call 717-796-5240 or ext 5240.

Download this "How To PowerPoint" presentation for an inclusive, easy, reference tool. We also have a Club Travel Tips document if you have questions about club travel.

For club advisors, we also have a club advisor manual and a club advisor training PowerPoint.


  • Event Approval Form - ALL SGA club and organization events occurring during the 2023-2024 academic year must be submitted for approval. This form should be filled out FIRST. Please click here to view the Checklist timeline for events. If you are going on an overnight trip with your club, please notify us at There are additional guidelines for overnight trips.
  • Club Special Events Form (For a Dance, Film, Fundraiser, Outside Vendor, Outside Speaker)- Please note, if you are planning to bring/provide any of the following events, this form must be the second step you take in your process, and you should not move forward in your planning and/or advertising until you receive confirmation that your special event request is approved.
    • Step-by-Step Summary Guide for Guest Speakers - Please be sure to read this form thoroughly before bringing an off-campus guest speaker to campus.
    • Guest Speaker Policy and Agreement Form - If you are planning to bring an off-campus individual as a guest speaker, this form must be the first step you take in your process, and you should not move forward in your planning and/or advertising until you receive confirmation that your speaker is approved. In order to receive approval, your advisor must research the speaker thoroughly, and then the Office of Student Engagement must confirm approval based on the information provided.
    • Swag/Attire Fundraisers - If you would like to sell attire or any swag (pens, hats, mugs, etc.) with your club's logo, you are required to go through the outlined process HERE.
  • Virtual EMS - This is the university-wide room reservation system that connects your request to the Office of Conference & Event Services, who will help you through the process of planning your meeting or event with Catering, Campus Events and Sound/Lighting/Tech. If your club already has a Virtual EMS account, you can log in here. If your club does not have a Virtual EMS account, email and ask for access.
  • Catering Request Information - Request catering for your event (should be done at the same time as your space is reserved).
  • Student Club Calendar of Events - This online form can be used to submit your club's event(s) to be included on the master calendar of student club events, found through FALCONlink.
  • Mass E-mail Request Form - Messiah University offers mass e-mail services to recognized student clubs, or student organizations, and employees through Messiah Press. Mass e-mails are intended for Messiah University news items that arise in the normal course of university business and activities and will be sent only one time per event. All mass emails are approved by club/organization advisors. Advisors are responsible for approving, editing and signing off on mass email distribution on behalf of your club. If you are a student organization representative, please make sure you have completed your club special events form prior to submitting your mass e-mail request. If you are advertising an event that includes a guest speaker, please additionally make sure you complete the guest speaker approval form prior to submitting a mass e-mail request.


  • Cash Advance Requests - Please fill out the Request for Payment/Cash Advance Request form to receive a cash advance. Cash advances are provided Monday through Friday from 8am-1pm. Advanced notice of 48 hours is required for a cash advance. SGA limits cash advances to $100 per advance. Cash advance requests must be submitted by 12/10/2024 and returned by 12/13/2024. Please use your advisor's P-Card or the SGA P-Card if you need to make a club purchase after 12/10/2024.
  • Request for Payment Form - This form is to be used if your recognized club has an invoice to be paid. Please include an invoice as the "receipt." Click here to view an example invoice.
  • Request for Reimbursement Form - This form is to be used if your recognized club has an individual that needs to be personally reimbursed. Click here to view an example receipt. Reimbursements must be submitted by 12/10/2024. ALL reimbursements must be picked up by 12/13/2024. Please use your advisor's P-Card or the SGA P-Card if you need to make a club purchase after 12/10/2024 (or in general to avoid needing reimbursed). Please note that ALL reimbursements must be submitted AND picked up within 90 days of the date of purchase (but the sooner, the better!).
  • Tax Exemption Form - Messiah University's tax-exempt form. Messiah is a non-profit educational institution and therefore is exempt from paying state sales tax. You may provide this form to any retailer to exempt yourself for paying sales tax on an item related to an activity or event at Messiah University.


  • **Club Sport Checklist - This checklist has an overview of the requirements, both annual and event-based, for students participating in a club sport.
  • Assumption of Risk and Liability Release form - If you are a participant of a recognized club sport at Messiah University you are required to annually complete an assumption of risk and liability release form.
  • Club Sports Participation Document - Information on your eligibility in sports if you participate in a club sport.
  • Club Transportation Release - Please use this form when using a personal vehicle (not fleet vehicles) when traveling for a club/organization activity
  • Driver Agreement & Safety Policy - Necessary for club sports teams, this Driver Agreement is to be completed by all drivers of personal vehicles for club sports travel. Once completed, this form remains valid for the entire academic year.  All forms are to be returned to Coach Rick Van Pelt via campus mail, Suite 4501.
  • Driving Personal Vehicles - Any time a personal vehicle is used by either a student, faculty or staff person, the vehicle owner’s insurance policy is primary. So if someone uses a personal vehicle for university-related business, the vehicle owner’s insurance is primary. See Page 3, E (1) of the Vehicle Management Policy & Addendum
  • Fleet Reservations - This form is for use by Messiah University students, faculty and staff for university-related activities only for the use of Messiah cars, minivans and 15-passenger vans. Only approved and authorized students are allowed to drive Messiah vehicles who are on the current Messiah 'approved' drivers list. To become an approved driver, click here.


  • Equipment Reservation Form - ITS in Old Main can lend your club various pieces of equipment to make your event a success, such as video recorders, iPads, laptops, projectors, portable screens, tripods and Blu-Ray players.
  • Messiah Press - Use this service to place print orders and other types of orders such as fliers, signs, banners, and more. Black and White copies start at 5 cents and color copies start at 16 cents. This link will allow you to send your order(s) as well as specify delivery date and location. You may use this service for both personal and club related work.
  • SAB Justification Form - Please complete this justification form with each P-card purchase you make on behalf of your SAB Executive position.
  • SGA Monthly Club Report - Monthly reports should be submitted through Canvas quizzes using your official club email addresses. All clubs are required to submit these monthly reports. 
  • Student Club Handbook - Everything you need to know about how to operate your student club at Messiah University.
  • W-9 Tax Form - The W-9 form is used by a company or contractee to request a copy of your social security or taxpayer ID number for tax reporting purposes. An IRS Form W-9 is issued by any individual or company that employs subcontractors, independent contractors, consultants or other self-employed workers. It is used to collect information needed to report to the IRS disbursements made to these individuals or agencies for the purposes of deducting them against expenses on their tax returns.
  • Messiah University's W-9 Form - use this form if someone else is paying Messiah University and requests Messiah's W9 form.