First-Year Honors Program Living Learning Community

First-Year Honors Program Living Learning Community (LLC)

First-Year Honors Program Living Learning Community (LLC)


The First-Year Honors Program LLC will be comprised of the students in 3 sections of Honors First-Year Seminar:

  • Dr. Robin Collins' FYS “Philosophy and Apologetics of C.S. Lewis”
  • Professor Christine Perrin’s FYS “Fellowship of Inklings: Reading and Writing with Lewis, Tolkien and Sayers”
  • Dr. Jim LaGrand’s “What’s a Nation Good For? Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism Today”


Students planning to live in the First-Year Honors Program LLC should be prepared to help the Honors Program live out its 6 themes:

  1. Exploring Fundamental Questions. We are keen about learning alongside some of the greatest thinkers who came before us and exploring their thoughts on such fundamental matters as the relationship of human beings to God and to each other.
  2. Facing Disputed Questions. We do not avoid those questions about which reasonable people differ, but rather face them together in a spirit of both inquiry and civility toward others holding various opinions.
  3. Cultivating a Christian Worldview. We look for the ways in which our Christian faith rightly shapes our thinking--how we ought to read, write, study, create, and act.
  4. Growing and Applying Talents. We desire to be found faithful in how we use our gifts and talents and long to hear our Lord’s affirmation, “Well done.”
  5. Engaging in Conversation. Both in and out of the classroom, concerning both academic and non-academic matters, we enjoy learning from one another and about one another through conversation.
  6. Enjoying Community. In both serious and light-hearted ways, we enjoy looking for and receiving things that are good and true and beautiful together as a community.


Students in the First-Year Honors Program LLC will do through:

  1. Discussing honors courses and Honors Program lectures, panels, and films.
  2. Living together either on the same floor or in close proximity.
  3. Engaging faculty advisors (Dr. Jim LaGrand, Prof. Christine Perrin, Dr. Dave Weaver Zercher)
  4. Hosting occasional events in the residence hall, including discussions and public readings of the Honors Program’s book-of-the-year for 2024-2025, Homer’s Odyssey.


Learning Outcomes

As a result of living in the Honors LLC students will be able to understand, incorporate, and practice the 6 themes of the Honors Program listed above.



Who do I contact if I have further questions?

  • Questions about the LLC can be directed to Dr. Jim LaGrand, Director of the College Honors Program or Courtney Williams, Director of Housing.

Can both men and women who are part of the Honors Program be a part of this LLC?

  • Yes! There are male and female LLC members living on separate floors. 

How do I apply?

  • When you fill out The Nest housing questionnaire you will be given an opportunity to indicate interest in the First-Year Honors Program LLC. The Nest questionnaire is made available on March 1st for all incoming first-year students.