Naugle Hall


Naugle Residence

Naugle residence, which is similar in design to Witmer, houses approximately 275 students in an air-conditioned and carpeted traditional residence. It is named in honor of W. Edwin and Marian Naugle of Shippensburg who gave generously of their time and money to the College.

Naugle houses first year students and has four floors that are split evenly between male and female students. The building is also closest to major parking locations. Floors have kitchens and study rooms. Connections to the campus residential network are available in individual rooms and various common spaces.

Photos of Student Rooms


Naugle is located on the north side of campus across the street on one side from Fry Apartments, and Miller Residence Hall on the other side.  It is #27 on the campus map.


2022-2023 Student Hall Staff (Resident Assistants):

  • A Side: Basement - James Lim
  • A Side: First Floor - Brandon Koehnke (SRA)
  • A Side: Second Floor - Grace Rhinehart
  • A Side: Third Floor - Becca Yarrow
  • B Side: Basement - Micah Clark
  • B Side: First Floor - Meredith Gardner
  • B Side: Second Floor - Matthew Featherson
  • B Side: Third Floor - Maddie Flick

Professional Hall Staff :

  • Nikki Elsaesser - Residence Director, ext. 4380 
  • Ted Gingrich (NAU A) and Stacy Portko (NAU B) - Campus Events Worker, ext. 2815 and 3918