Witmer Hall

Witmer Residence

Witmer, which is similar in design to Naugle, houses approximately 300 first year and transfer students in an air-conditioned and carpeted traditional residence. The building has four floors that are usually split evenly between male and female students. It is named for John and Jeanette Witmer. Mr. Witmer is the former Chairman of the Board of CCNB Bank.  He and Mrs. Witmer, a teacher, are long-time friends of the University.

Transfer Student Information

Photos of Student Rooms


Witmer is a first year student building and has floors designated for men-only or women-only residents, floor kitchens, study rooms, computer lab, and connections to the residential computer network and dance studio in the basement are some of the amenities. Witmer is located on the south side of campus next to Mellinger Apartments and across the street from Bittner Residence Hall. It is #33 on the campus map


2023-2024 Student Hall Staff (Resident Assistants):

  • A Side: First Floor - Owen Sevier
  • A Side: Second Floor - Evelyn Kelly
  • A Side: Third Floor - Kara Graves
  • A Side: Fourth Floor - Allison Sauers
  • B Side: First Floor - Alexander Finn (SRA)
  • B Side: Second Floor - Katelyn Duell
  • B Side: Third Floor - Michael Cruz
  • B Side Fourth Floor - Nyla Allen

Professional Hall Staff :

  • Mark Gossage - Residence Director, ext. 6079
  • Ashley Ferrante ( WIT B) Kent Sheaffer (WIT A) - Campus Events Worker, ext. 7107, ext. 7155