Move-in Guide

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Move-In Guide

Beginning Friday, August 18, 2023 (August 17th for students who are a part of Multi-Cultural Move-In), the campus will be open for move-in for new incoming and transfer students. [See email for assigned date and time.] Students should first check-in at the Eisenhower Campus Center before moving in to their rooms

Returning students are scheduled to move in starting Sunday, August 20, 2023. [See email from your RD for the link to sign up for a move-in date and time.]


Early Arrival

Early arrivals are reserved for students being sponsored by a campus department. Therefore, there will be very limited early arrival exceptions granted to students prior to their official arrival date.


What's in a Room

Residence hall rooms are basically the same, regardless of the residence hall. All rooms come with the basics:

Twin bed (one per student assigned to room) Closet, wardrobe or dresser
Extra-long mattress (80” x 36”) Air-conditioning (central air or built-in units)
Desk & chair (one per student assigned to room)
  Ethernet connection (high-speed computer connection to the ITS computing network)
Carpeting Bookshelves - Built-in, except Witmer and Naugle

Window built-in shades or blinds


Things You Should Bring

Packing List

Improper Setups or Prohibited Items-Messiah University Fire/General Safety:

  • Lamps that have three, five, seven, or more lights are not allowed if they have plastic shades.
  • Extension Chords (Power strips with a reset switches are allowed)
  • Electrical outlet expanders without a reset button
  • Open coil appliances such as toasters, space heaters, or air conditioning units
  • Walls may not be more than 20% covered
  • Lights cannot be covered by cloth, paper, or other cover
  • Christmas lights cannot be covered by cloth or paper
  • Lights may not be hung by metal or coated metal hooks. However, they may be hung with plastic hooks
  • Blankets or dividers cannot hang from the ceiling
  • Any damaged or frayed chord. Tape is not an acceptable fix
  • Bed risers must be made of high density polyethylene that holds 1,200 lbs. The bed cannot be raised more than 6 inches 

*All electrical appliances must be: (1) Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed; (2) equipped with thermostatic controls when appropriate; and (3) rated at 700 watts (six AMPS) or less. Extension cords and surge strips and protectors using the new LCDI technology, such as Fire Shield®, are strongly recommended.

**You do not need to bring a desk and chair as they are provided for each student and we do not have room to store any furniture.


Packing and Shipping

You don't need to bring everything at once. Most students typically bring much more with them than they will need. There is no storage space outside of your room in the residence halls. Several residence halls do not have elevators. It is better to pack a number of moderately-sized boxes that can be carried by one person than a few larger boxes that need two or three people to carry them. You may choose to ship some of your belongings. We will not be able to accept shipments before August 15. When addressing your items, please be sure to include your name and Messiah log-in username. Your log-in username must be on all mail and packages that you receive at Messiah University. Your address should be: 

Your Name
Messiah Log-In Username
1 University Avenue
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

You can claim your packages at the campus store on the first floor of Eisenhower during normal business hours after your arrival. If you decide to have a moving company bring your things, please note that they will not have access to your room. They can not move in your belongings until you arrive and check in to your residence hall.


Mailing Address

To get your U.S. mail without delay, it needs a street address and a four-digit zip code extension. A correctly written address includes: 

[First Name] [Last Name]

[Student's Messiah Log-in Username]*
One University Avenue
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

Flex Falcon

One University Avenue
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

*Your First and Last Initial + 4-Digit Number Username

**If Flex Falcon's Messiah email address is, then this is the correct





New students: Please note there is no storage available prior to your arrival to campus on day, Friday, August 18.

Returning students: Please note that if you stored your personal belongings in a university storage area, you will only be able to gain access to those spaces after you have arrived to campus AND after 7pm. Call the RA On Clock to request being let in (after 7pm nightly). Access to storage units will not be granted by the maintenance staff or campus events staff. Additionally, for all students, it is prohibited to place your belongings in your room without physically occupying the room. As such, the University will not assume any responsibility for any damages, missing or broken belongings. 



In-room or public network jacks

There is a wired network connection in each room in the residence halls and public jacks are available in base of the benches located in the hallways of Boyer Hall, in Larson Student Union and in Falcon Services.  For information such as minimum system requirements and connecting to the Messiah network, visit the ITS Website


Wireless internet access is available in all campus buildings and select outdoor locations. When connecting your computer or smart phone, you will want to choose to connect to the Messiah Secure wireless network. On most devices, you will then simply need to enter your Messiah username and password and accept the security certificate when prompted. Chromebooks and Android require additional settings to be configured to connect.

Smart TVs and Gaming systems require registration and connect to a different network on campus. For detailed instructions to connect those devices, please visit the ITS blog.


Student Vehicle Registration Information


Room Modifications

Messiah University extends the privilege of personalizing individual rooms in a way that promotes an enjoyable living environment consistent with the philosophy of the University community. 

  1. Occupants are expected to keep their rooms clean.
  2. Items not in keeping with the character of the University are not to be displayed in student rooms or on University property. This includes wall coverings involving nudity or which are otherwise morally objectionable or socially offensive, stolen property, containers for alcoholic beverages, and other alcohol- or drug-related paraphernalia (signs, posters). 
  3. Nails, screws, tape, or other adhesives which cause damage or leave sticky residue on the surface may not be used.
  4. All personal furnishings brought into a room must comply with fire safety codes.
  5. Residents are expected to accept the responsibility for the maintenance of their rooms and for damages and replacement of missing items. Mounting items on walls should be done with care.
  6. Student rooms, lounges, and hallways are painted and updated according to the maintenance schedule. Special requests for painting or alterations can be directed to Building and Property Services. Any improvement made to University-owned housing becomes the property of the University. 
  7. Students are not to tamper with electrical wiring, switches, outlets, or fixtures, or to cover their room numbers.
  8. Removal of University provided furniture from students' rooms is prohibited. Students will be charged for missing or damaged furniture.
  9. Tampering with University property is prohibited. Screens are to remain in place, fire equipment is to be used only for intended purposes, and furniture from public areas is to remain in its intended location. In residence halls with false ceilings, tiles are not to be removed for any reason, including the storage of belongings.
  10. Waterbeds and excessively heavy items are not permitted in student rooms unless they are needed for documented medical reasons. 
  11. The construction of "loft" beds by residents is prohibited.


If you have questions or comments, please contact the Office of Residence Life at (717) 796-5239 or

Office of Residence Life
Messiah University
One University Ave, Suite 4502
Mechanicsburg , PA 17055
Phone: (717) 796-5239