Engineering Living Learning Community

Engineering Living Learning Community (LLC)

The Engineering LLC is for first-year students who have declared or who are considering Engineering as a major. Members of the LLC live with a heavy concentration of Engineering students, building close relationships, experiencing organic study groups and utilizing accountability structures that seek to promote the academic and personal success of everyone involved. The Engineering LLC is a unique collaboration between Residence Life and the Engineering department.  This exciting initiative at Messiah University began in the Fall 2017.

2020 COVID

The 3 Main Components:

  1. Common Courses:
    • Each student in the LLC will take several common courses each semester,

      including Introduction to Engineering, Calculus, Physics and Chemistry.  Being in common classes as an LLC is a dynamic combination that encourages deep relationship and learning.

  2. Common Living:
    • Each LLC resident is placed either on the same floor or in close proximity.  For the 2023-2024 academic year the engineering LLC will be located in Naugle Hall.
  3. Intentional Faculty-Student Interaction Outside the Classroom:
    • Each LLC has a faculty advisor(s) who has an interest in getting to know students at a personal level outside of the classroom. As a result, the faculty advisor(s) have a commitment to come to the residence hall to build relationships and provide academic support.

Those who join commit to the following:

  1. The Engineering Welcome and Worship Event in the dining hall (August 25)
  2. First-year student picnic for Engineering students and faculty (August 27)
  3. Collaboratory Involvement Opportunities Open House (August 30)

Learning Outcomes

As a result of living in the engineering LLC students will be able to:

  • interact with Engineering faculty in formal and informal settings
  • collaborate with peers and academic resources to succeed in the classroom
  • describe the residence halls as spaces characterized by academic excitement
  • articulate a sense of belonging within the engineering major
  • persist into their second year as a Messiah University student with increased confidence regarding their major choice


When 2020-21 LLC members were asked how living in a LLC impacted them, participants ranked these as the top three areas of enhancement:

  • Friendships
  • Academic Performance
  • Knowledge of your major



Who do I contact if I have further questions?

  • Questions about the Engineering Program at Messiah can be directed to Dr. Brian Swartz, Engineering Professor, while housing questions can be directed to Courtney Williams, Director of Housing.

If I am a part of the LLC will my entire floor be engineering majors?

  • No, the male "floor" has been stretched onto two floors that are next to each other. While there will still be a good number of engineering students, the entire floor will not be all engineering students.  On the female floor, we anticipate 10+ Engineering majors (or students with strong Engineering interest), living among the approximately 35 women on that floor.

Can both Men and Women be a part of this LLC?

  • Yes! There are male and female LLC members living on separate floors. 

How do I apply?

  • When you fill out The Nest housing questionnaire you will be given an opportunity to indicate interest in the Engineering LLC. The Nest questionnaire is made available mid-March for all incoming first-year students.  A letter is then sent out in late May from the Engineering department with instructions on how to apply for the Engineering LLC.  Anyone interested in joining who becomes aware of the LLC after mid-May should email Dr. Swartz directly at to see if any spaces are available.