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Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services

Welcome to Student Financial Services

The Student Financial Services (SFS) office on campus is closed but we are working remotely and closely monitoring our email and phone calls.  All calls are being forwarded to our personal cell phones, so you can either call us at 1.717.691.6004 or email  We will do our best to reply to you as quickly as possible.  Here is important information to know:

  1. Student Account and Bills:
    1. Students can view their live student account and eBills through Falcon Link > Cashnet.  Students must give their parents access to view their eBills and live student account.   Go to Cashnet to add an Authorized User.  You can make payments directly from your checking account in Cashnet and verify your payment was posted on your live account. 
    2. Credit card payments will charge you an extra 2.75% convenience fee but are instantly applied to your account. 
    3. If you have a Cashnet Payment Plan and make a payment, you see your payment applied instantaneously. 
    4. There will be a delay to apply any 529, wire payments or paper checks to student accounts because SFS are not physically in our offices.   
  2. Do you have a balance due or hold?
    1. Please check your live student account through Falcon Link > Cashnet and contact SFS at 1.717.691.6004 or email

The Student Financial Services (SFS) Office combines certain aspects of Financial Aid and Student Accounts to streamline service delivery to our students. Our mission is to provide information, counseling, and financial services to help students, their families and their sponsors successfully navigate the financial maze encountered when obtaining a college education. Our employees serve as advisors, problem-solvers, advocates and educators, acting at all times fairly, compassionately and with the highest standards of ethical behavior and fiscal accountability. Our Student Account Coordinators and Counselors are charged to:

  • Connect students to the resources they need to take full advantage of the Messiah experience
  • Ensure that the student has a successful administrative experience at Messiah College
  • Assist students and their families develop a strategy for managing the costs and challenges presented from act of pursuing a college education
  • Anticipate student needs with proactive steps and structures

We are your source for answers regarding bills, payments, financial aid, refunds, parking, and College ID cards.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

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