Billing and Payment

Billing Resources

We understand that a Messiah education is a major investment for students and families. That is why the Student Financial Services office provides resources and information for anticipating your bill, understanding your bill, and our third-party billing system Transact.  Check out the content below for more information regarding billing or contact Student Financial Services at 717-691-6004/ email

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  • Bills are delivered electronically.

  • Bills are announced via email when they become available as they become available each semester. Students and Authorized users can access the bill via Transact.

  • Bills will be based on student course registration and financial aid information available to Student Financial Services at the time.

  • Financial aid that is known at the time of the billing will be listed as *anticipated financial aid. Anticipated financial aid (e.g. student loans, private scholarships, and grants) is shown on the initial bill of each semester as a credit as if it has already been paid to the account. However, it is up to the student to follow through on any outstanding financial aid requirements.  Any financial aid that has not been paid out onto the student account to cover an outstanding balance after the initial bill due date may result in additional amounts owed.

  • Unpaid balances carried beyond the due date are subject to late fees and account holds (transcript & diploma holds).


Why Transact

  • Give access to authorized payers to pay for you.
  • View account history, activity, and transactions (payments, statements, etc.)
  • View student bill statements
  • Receive email reminders when your new bill becomes available.
  • Receive email confirmations of each payment you make.
  • Set up Monthly Payment Plan Methods for frequent use
  • Conserve paper


Login to FALCON Link with Messiah ID and password. Type "Transact eBill"

**Students may decide to add authorized users to their account

Once on the Transact website click on My Account > Send a payer invitation

FERPA- The student is financially responsible for his/her Messiah account (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)). However, students may give parents and other users/payers online access to their accounts. Adding parents or other payers to your Transact account grants them permission to pay the student's bills on the student's behalf and to view and ask detailed questions about the student’s account. * When contacting SFS via phone, the caller must say the Privacy word in order to ask questions about the student's account.

  1. Parents and other individuals who pay student bills must be set up as payers by your student to access his or her weekly billing statements.
  2. As an Authorized user, you have access to:
    • Receive monthly email notifications letting you know that the current statement is available to view online.
    • Print a copy of the bill and weekly bill statements
    • View online payment history.
  3. Once the student invites you, you will receive an email with the subject “Your Student has created an account for you at Messiah University’s Transact.” The email will contain your payer ID (user name) and a temporary password with a link you will use to sign in and create your own new password. All users will be able to access their Transact accounts using their own usernames and passwords.
  4. The authorized user must use THIS link to access eBills once your student sets up your access

Students and authorized users have 24/7 access to view the student account. The following information is provided on the Transact website:

  • My Account- Basic information is listed, Input your Payment method Information, Add payers to your account, Contact information is listed, Privacy and terms information is listed, and e-signature disclosure is listed.
  • Overview- Summary of your current balance, shows enrolled payment plan, funds from Falcon dollars and pre-payments to balance, and recent transactions
  • Activity Details- detailed listing of account activity including your current term charges & payments (if the charges has a $-; this means that these funds are credits), current term pending financial aid credits, and the student’s course schedule. 
  • Payment Plans- You can enroll in a payment plan. Find out more information about payment plans HERE
  • Make a Payment- You can make a payment here. To find out more information about methods of payment click HERE
  • Transactions- Listing of transactions
  • Statements- View weekly billing invoices. Bills are updated every Wednesday.

Bills can be viewed through Transact and will be announced by email to the student as they become available. These initial bills will be based on course registration and financial aid information available to Student Financial Services at the time and are likely to change over the duration of the semester. Any financial aid that is known at the time of the billing will be listed as anticipated financial aid. eBills are released weekly during the Fall and Spring semesters detailing any updated adjustments. 

  • During the Fall semester bills become available in mid-July.
  • During the Spring semester bills become available in mid-November.
  • During the Summer semester bills become available in early May

Check out the SFS calendar for more important upcoming dates.