QuEST Curriculum (General Education)

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QuEST is only for students enrolled prior to Fall 2024. If you are a student who enrolled with Messiah AFTER the Fall of 2024 - please refer to the new General Education website and General Education guide. Thanks! 

QuEST Curriculum (General Education)

The QuEST through Messiah University's general education program helps fit together various coordinates along a four-year journey. Throughout QuEST, challenging experiences, and courses help students foster their ability to apply learning and discernment to new and complex situations. The result: a transformative education that emphasizes big-picture thinking, values diversity and embraces application of responsive solutions to real-life challenges - from the first to the final semester and beyond.

Are you looking to study at an off-campus program or wondering how courses from another institution might transfer into QuEST?  Be sure to read this important guide and complete the appropriate paperwork before you do!