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Young Filmmakers Workshop

Young Filmmakers Workshop

Young Filmmakers Workshop at Messiah University

We were saddened by having to cancel our Young Filmmakers Workshop this June 2020 due to Covid-19.  We look forward to having our workshop next year and the dates will be announced in Fall 2020. 

Messiah University's Young Filmmakers' Workshop is a summer creative program offering residential and commuter options
for young filmmakers entering grades 10-12. The five day filmmaking workshop will offer novice high school age
filmmakers an opportunity to learn basic filmmaking principles while developing, filming, and editing a short film.







Testimonials from past workshops

"This place is top of the line. I was able to take home new skills and techniques to use in my own films. We used amazing and professional equipment to bring our films to life, and I am so happy to have went here. I made amazing and meaningful friendships that transcend camp. So much so that we are producing our own film outside of camp. I am so happy to have had this experience and recommend it to anyone with a dream and passion for filmmaking"

"I had a wonderful time and got to become friends with a lot of people I have never met before! I am so thankful for the opportunity Messiah College gave me to peruse my passion of film making"

"I had an awesome time! Working with the crew was one of the best experiences of my life. Creating a short film with people that you've never met that shortly become some of your best friends is nothing short of amazing. The equipment is top of the line and gave us freedom to do certain shots we couldn't of done on our own. For me personally, I knew most of the information being taught; however, the information about the camera (aperature, ISO, etc.) was extremely helpful. Our guide, Christian, was great. Extremely helpful and just a really cool guy. I had a great time at the workshop and hope to enroll again"

"It's always fun to create something, whatever that something may be. If you are a hardcore film buff and want to major in film, you will LOVE this camp. But personally, I just enjoy creativity and consider filmmaking as a hobby, and I'm still very glad I went to this camp. I really grew a lot in my ability to work collaboratively as a group which is something hard for me. I also learned more about being on a film set, operating film equipment, and more. And the staff, food, and campus were excellent. I absolutely recommend this workshop to anyone with a passion for filmmaking--whether that passion is big or small"

"Not only did I get a taste of collage life and filmmaking. There were also amazingly fellow filmmakers with tremendous passion"

"I believe that this film camp helped me not only learn about new equipment, but also see what real filmmaking is like. I greatly enjoyed the week I spent there and made many new friends. I would highly recommend this camp to any starting filmmakers or anyone that wants to get into film"