Degree Works Audit

Degree Works Audit

The Ellucian Degree Works™ Audit is used internally as a means of communicating degree/certificate requirements for students and for monitoring their progress toward completion.

For students, Degree Works:

  • Provides real-time advice and counsel.
  • Provides intuitive web access with self-service capabilities.
  • Streamlines the graduation process by tracking completion of requirements.
  • Allows direct access to catalog information through hyperlinks

• Displays most up-to-date curriculum requirements according to academic year
• Advising tool for registration planning and tracking degree requirements
• Registration Checklist view for unfulfilled major and QuEST General Education requirements
• "What If audit" functionality to assist in planning for change of major/minor
• GPA calculator

  1. Login to Self-Service Banner
  2. Student tab
  3. Student Records
  4. Degree Evaluation (Degree Works)



  • Each time you view your degree audit, click the “Process New” button. This will cause Degree Works to refresh the content and reflect any information that has changed since the last view (i.e., change of program, registration, grades).
  • Your audit displays degree or certificate requirements for your program. Courses marked with a check mark are complete. Courses marked with a tilde (~) are currently in progress, or you are registered for them in a future term. An unchecked box indicates the requirement is not yet fulfilled.
  • Questions about requirements can be directed to your academic advisor or the Registrar’s Office at
  • Degree audits are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students should review their degree audits when they initially register for courses in a semester and when they drop or add courses. Routine review of the audit helps to ensure the student progresses in meeting degree/certificate requirements as planned and reduces unforeseen surprises later.
  • Your audit is the tool used by your academic program and the Registrar’s Office to certify proper completion of degree and/or certificate requirements. If a requirement is left unfulfilled, a student may not be eligible to graduate. In addition, the degree audit provides students with a concise tool to track requirements and their completion.

The "What If" audit is a helpful tool for students who are considering a change of major or addition of a certificate or minor.

Click “What If” on the far left of the audit under Worksheets.

  1. Select the Degree associated with the major that is being changed (if different from the existing degree).
  2. Select the Academic Year (current year).
  3. Select a Program if applicable.
  4. Select the Major and Concentration intended. To select a concentration, look for the corresponding major code (e.g. ENGL) first.
  5. Select a Minor (or multiple minors) if applicable.
  6. Confirm the Chosen Areas of Study in the population box and click “Process What If”.
  7. Click Worksheets to resume normal view of degree audit.

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