Writing help

Writing help

Heartful Editor provides writing coaching and editing session to all graduate students. Messiah University partners with Heartful Editor to provide editing support and writing coaching to graduate students. Heartful Editor’s team of caring and supportive academic coaches and editors strives to uphold the highest ethical standards in their work with students, blending ethics and compassion to build a responsible and productive editing and coaching experience.

Heartful Editor coaches and guides graduate students on writing and the mechanics of style, specifically the guidelines outlined in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA, 7th Edition). Heartful Editor’s academic coaches and editors:

  • Read and review all documents for grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency in formatting and alignment with style guidelines.
  • Suggest alternative words or phrases, provide guidance on sentence structure and advise on how to better organize ideas.
  • Provide graduate students with a thorough overview of areas that need attention and improvement.
  • Track all edits and changes for the client to review and accept or reject.
  • Offer follow-up coaching sessions via Zoom.
  • Format master’s theses and doctoral dissertations in alignment with Messiah University formatting standards.

To learn more about Heartful Editor or to submit your course paper or project for academic writing coaching and/or editing support, please visit The Heartful Editor will review your paper and respond with edits and recommended revisions within 3 business days.

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