Parking FAQ

If I share a car with my sibling do I have to apply for parking?

If you and your sibling are sharing one vehicle; only one sibling needs to apply for parking.


Can I switch parking lots?

Students may not switch lots unless a medical accommodation needs to be made. Occasionally a special reallocation of parking lots is announced. If this is to occur all students will be notified via email. There is no guarantee this will happen in any given school year.


When can new students apply for parking?

Parking registration is open for first year students beginning in mid-June. 


Can I bring my car for part of the year?

Yes, if our lots are not sold out.  Check with the Student Parking/Box Office first to be sure we have availability. Selection will be limited.


How long can I have a temporary parking pass?

Temporary passes are issued for up to three weeks per semester. The fee is $5.00 per week.


I don't know what car I will be driving next year. Should I sign up during the Online registration?

Yes. The best selection of lots and the lowest price is available during the online registration period. You should register your best guess as to which existing car you will be bringing to campus. If that car changes, be sure to let the Student Parking/Box Office know ASAP. If you decide you do not need the permit in the fall you can return it by September 15 and receive a full refund.


Where can I pick up my permit?

Fall permit pickup for students who pre-registered is on the 1st floor of ECC during Welcome Week.


If I have a P lot permit can I also park in spaces designated as P1?

Only P1 permit holders may park in the specially designated commuter spaces in WW lot and J lot between the hours of 6 am and 5 pm. P permit holders may park in these spaces between 5 pm and 6 am only.


Can I sell back my permit and receive a credit for spring semester?

Students may sell their fall semester permit back and receive a credit of 50% of the purchase price if they bring the permit to the Studnet Parking/Box Office by December 16.


Do Special Interest Housing residents need permits?

Yes. Students living in Special Interest Housing (SH) must register their vehicle and purchase an SH permit. Students in Special Interest Housing with SH permits may also park in Starry (P) Lot overnight if space is limited at the house and/or if they wish to commute to campus during the day.


How do I appeal a parking citation?

FALCONLink > FalconPark.


Where can I park in the evening?

Between the hours of 5 pm and 6 am resident students may use the YY (Murray Library), ZZ lot (Climenhaga/Old Main), or TT lot by the railroad tracks (Sollenberger) except during campus events that require use of these lots.  Vehicles must be moved by 6 am to avoid receiving a citation. Commuter students may use the WW lot specially marked P1 commuter spaces (Jordan/Kline), YY (Murray Library), ZZ lot (Climenhaga/Old Main), or TT lot by the railroad tracks (Sollenberger).