Make the world your classroom

Make the world your classroom

Study Abroad Opportunities

Bind Your Heart to a Foreign Land

What may look like a quiet, suburban campus in central Pennsylvania is really six continents and 24 time zones. At Messiah, your college experience expands beyond our Mechanicsburg campus and reaches around the globe. You can choose to study or serve in one of 40 programs, strengthening the groundwork you’ve been laying at Messiah all along: how to hear differing perspectives and to weave new insights into a vision that is your own.

Student Stories

Spend three weeks in Zambia studying health care in the developing world. Spend spring break serving in sports ministry in Colombia. Study in Italy for a semester honing your artistic skills. Whether it’s Spain, New Zealand or England, you see yourself through the eyes of others and understand yourself in new ways.


Where in the world will you go?




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Central and South

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Ready to go?

Are you intrigued and ready to learn more? Do you already know exactly where you want to go? Messiah’s Agape Center for Local and Global Engagment is ready to help you choose the perfect program so you can see the world in a whole new light. Bon Voyage!

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