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Electrical Engineering BSEE

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Christian Electrical Engineering Degree Program in Pennsylvania

Are you interested in automation, IoT, communication, navigation and renewable energy systems? In the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) program at Messiah, you’ll explore challenging theory and then have the opportunity to put new skills into practice while considering the value and social impact of technology.

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Practical experience through The Collaboratory

Starting your second year, you’ll work on projects that meet the needs of a real-world client in a Christian missions context. You will be offered the opportunity to begin using your engineering skills right away, not only in Pennsylvania, but around the world. When you finish your degree, you’ll walk into your first job with a complete project management and technical application experience.

Participate in the Integrated Projects Curriculum (IPC) in partnership with the Collaboratory, which provides all engineering students with a five-semester sequence of credit-bearing opportunities to use what you learn in the classroom to solve authentic problems for local and international clients such as building prosthetics, wheelchairs and more.