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Downloading logos

To download or acquire official Messiah University logos or brand marks, click on the images below.

*Messiah University ID and password are required for downloading

Reproducing the university logo

The Messiah University logo is comprised of a customized icon and wordmark. As such, the University requires that the image files provided by the Office of Marketing and Communications be used to create all forms of communication where the logo is used. Any attempt to recreate the icon, type, spacing or styling of the logo by desktop publishing or word processing is not permitted because it will result in inconsistencies that will compromise the integrity of the logo.

Minimum print file size

Minimum print file size

Us the registered trademark

Registered trademark

Area of isolation on logo

Area of isolation

Approved logo color usages

The Messiah University logo can only be reproduced in Messiah blue (Pantone 295 or its equivalent), black or white. The blue and black versions should be used on light-colored backgrounds. The white version should be used on dark-colored backgrounds. The art file color can be easily changed from blue, black to white without needing a different file type.

Logo in blue

Messiah blue: Pantone (PMS) 295

Logo in black


Reversed logo

White reversed out of another color

Incorrect university logo usages

To ensure visual consistency, promote recognition and preserve its trademark status, the Messiah University logo must not be altered in any way. The illustrations below demonstrate several of the more common, incorrect uses of the logo.

wrong color

Wrong color

Icon only

Icon only


Wordmark only

Messiah University branding

At Messiah, your life, your faith, your world and your possibilities open up. You see anew. That transformational brand promise remains true for students at Messiah University. But we have a fresh new look to our logo, our see anew tag line, our stained glass metaphor, our ligatures—and all of the other distinctives you see in Messiah’s communications.

To review the Messiah University visual identity and brand manual in-depth, please visit

Questions and contact

To request a visual identity brochure, please email

New logo

Messiah University

Questions regarding the proper use of the Messiah University logo contact:
Carla Gross, executive director of marketing and communications, at

See anew imagery

see anew

Questions regarding obtaining the Messiah University logo or see anew brand visuals, contact:
Becca Powell, creative director, at

Falcon logo


Questions regarding obtaining athletics logos, contact:
Matthew Fenton, director of athletics communications, at