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Student Enhancements


“I am so grateful for the scholarship I received. With that support, I was able to help assist in the research of mammalian breast cancer cells for 10 weeks this past summer in the Systems Biology Lab at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. I was so privileged to be a part of this research that helps to increase the understanding of the processes behind breast cancer growth so that we may be able to develop better clinical treatments.”

--Laura Carbone

Class of 2010

Biopsychology Major

The Centennial Campaign includes a $4.2 million goal for student enhancements to further improve the overall Messiah educational experience. This goal includes providing resources for technology upgrades, cutting-edge science equipment, and improved laboratories for our nationally recognized nursing program.


Truly, our students are our lifeblood. By providing these gifted young people with intellectually challenging programs and experiences and encouraging them to consider how their Christian faith and values enrich those experiences, we create something profoundly special. Our mission demands that we be more than good; we must be excellent. That is why our faculty is made up of internationally recognized scholars, why our facilities are first-rate and state-of-the-art, and why we are steadfastly committed to our Christian values and exceptional academics.


Through the successful completion of this component of the Centennial Campaign, we will be able to continue to provide our students—our lifeblood—with a stellar educational experience.