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Scholarship Endowment


Many students desire a Messiah education and rely on help from others to make it possible. Called to Messiah for many reasons, our students enter our campus community expecting an unparalleled academic experience that will engage their faith with intellectual challenges.

“I am so thankful to have the opportunity to study and live here at Messiah College. My courses have been both interesting and challenging. I have the privilege of participating in the Honors Program and I have enjoyed the added challenge and intellectual events. Through playing in the Messiah College Symphony Orchestra, I have been able to continue my studies on the violin. Even more importantly, living at Messiah College has strengthened my faith. Every day, I am learning more about Jesus and growing closer to Him.”

—Lauren Popeck

Class of 2014

Elementary Education Major


They know a private education can be prohibitive in terms of cost, yet they desire the academically excellent, Christ-centered education that Messiah offers. Knowing Messiah will supply invaluable lessons to help them find their true purpose in life, they look for ways to afford the experience.


Meeting the Need

With help from donors, we can ensure that deserving students are able to afford a Messiah education, and we can help them graduate with as little debt as possible. This is especially important because many students choose to enter the mission field, ministry, social services, and other career paths that, while rewarding, may not offer ample earning potential.


Many donors choose to establish scholarship endowments specifically to support students.

Because endowed funds are perpetual and predictable, they will benefit generations of Messiah College students and enable the College to plan more strategically for the future. In addition, endowed scholarship funds are set aside and kept separate from operating and capital fund accounts. The principal of the fund remains intact while the investment income provides the scholarship award(s) for the selected student each year. The minimum gift to establish an endowment is $20,000, and all endowed scholarships are administered by the Office of Financial Aid.