Public Hours

  • Saturdays 1-5 p.m.
  • School/Tour groups
    by appointment only


Admission Prices

Adults: $6.50

Children (4-18): $4.00

Seniors (55+): $4.00

Children 3 & under are admitted free

All major credit cards accepted

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January 7th - Bears - From Pandas to Polar Bears… Find out what makes a bear a bear! 

January 21st - Survival - The Real Survivors Learn how early settlers survived in the Pennsylvania wilderness.

February 4th - Raptors - Predators of the Sky! Discover the world of raptors.

February 18th - Beetlemania

March 4th - Forensics - Who Done It? Find out how forensics help solve mysteries. 

March 18th - Vernal Ponds - What Do Spring Showers Bring? Salamanders, frogs and vernal ponds!

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