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Creative Calls for Coherence:
Ernest L. Boyer and Christian Higher Education


Routledge is pleased to announce the publication of a themed issue from Christian Higher Education, guest edited by Todd Ream. This noteworthy edition of the journal explores Ernest L. Boyer’s considerable influence on education.

Ernest L. Boyer’s creative call for coherence, or his compulsion to draw together the frayed intellectual and/or social threads defining our society, offers a powerful means of assessing his significant impact on education. Although anecdotal evidence indicates Boyer’s ideas influenced a number of Christian colleges and universities, no systematic efforts come to terms with this influence.  This theme issue attempts to provide some basic frameworks for further research efforts while also looking at the impact Boyer’s Christian college experiences had upon him.

The first half of this issue seeks to introduce Boyer's life, his faith, and the influence of Christian higher education on him. The second half of this issue is topical in nature and explores Boyer's influence on some critical dimensions of the lives of Christian colleges and universities. To explore this special issue, please visit:

Christian Higher Education is a peer-reviewed archival journal that features articles on developments being created and tested by those engaged in the study and practice of Christian higher education. This journal addresses issues in finance, enrollment management, innovative teaching methods, higher education administration, program assessment, faculty development, curriculum development, and student services. Each issue offers a balance of essays on current research as well as programs and methods at the cutting edge of progress. For more information, visit:

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Karen A. Longman
Laurie A. Schreiner
Both of Azusa Pacific University

Guest Editor
Todd Ream
Taylor University

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Volume 13, 2014
5 issues per year
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