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1. What can I do with a degree from the Department of Communication?

  • A degree from our Department prepares you to enter the workforce by equipping you with the diverse skill sets that employers seek. Honing skills in written and oral communication, foundational to all majors in our Department, will help prepare you for any career. You can seek a variety of different options with a degree from our department: producer, copywriter, news anchor, cinematographer, teacher, public relations practitioner, screenwriter, social media specialist, sound and video technician, motivational speaker, event planner, and many others. And our students are landing fabulous jobs! The Messiah College Career Center reports that 96% of the Class of 2012 survey respondents were employed or in a graduate school or professional program within 6 to 9 months after graduation; 77% of the respondents secured employment while 19% indicated a graduate or professional program as their primary activity. . 


2. Can I study abroad in this program?

  • The flexibility of our program leaves time for study abroad opportunities.  With proper planning, you can go to almost any location offered by the Intercultural Office, Messiah's study abroad office. To read about our students' experiences, check out past issues of Commraderie, our Department newsletter, or follow blogs by our students.


3. Do I have to have an internship?  How can I get an internship?

  • All students in our department are required to complete an internship or practicum.  This allows you to get hands-on experience and extend your classroom knowledge, as well as increase your marketability when it comes to seeking a job.  For more information on Messiah's nationally recognized internship program, visit:


4. What are some of the courses I might take?

  • You'll take a variety of courses in the areas of theory, interpersonal communication, and mass communication, along with more specific courses related to your major. The course catalog shows a list of classes required for both majors and minors in the Department of Communication. 


5. How do I find out more information?



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