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Department of Education at Messiah College

Our Faculty

Education faculty have earned doctoral degrees from a variety of major universities, including Indiana, Rutgers, Maryland, Toronto, and Penn State.


In addition to teaching, our faculty members are actively involved in scholarly activities such as writing books and journal articles, presenting at conferences, and working with local schools. Most importantly, our professors are caring, committed Christians who want to help you develop academically, spiritually, and personally.


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Don Murk, Ph.D.,

University of Maryland

Chair, Department of Education



Jennifer Fisler, D.Ed.,

Rutgers University

Director of Teacher Education, Teacher Certification Officer



Joseph Barnes, Ph.D.,

Pennsylvania State





Anita Voelker, Ph.D.,

University of Maryland



Obed Mfum-Mensah, Ph.D., University of Toronto




Melinda Burchard, Ph.D.,

George Mason University



Milton Gaither, Ph.D.,

Indiana University



Maude Yacapsin , Ed.D.,

University of Nebraska




Jan Dormer, Ed.D.,

University of Toronto



Carol Buckley, Ed. D.,

Immaculata University



Dwayne Wright, Ph.D.,

University of Georgia









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