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Student Opportunities

MCEA studentsMCEA

Messiah College Education Association (MCEA) is a student organization for students in teacher certification majors.  Students in teacher certification majors will receive information about MCEA through e-mails and a bulletin board located on the fourth floor of Boyer Hall. Some of the projects that MCEA assists with are Boxtops for Education, teacher bags for student teachers, book drive, and school supply kits for mission organizations.

Study Abroad Opportunities

Messiah College education students are encouraged to broaden their educational experience by spending a semester in another country.  Many early childhood education majors plan to study in Cheltenham, England, where an education field experience is included in the experience.  Students seeking certification in Spanish, French, or German are required to spend at least a semester in a setting in another country.  Many of these students stay for two semesters to have a fuller experience and to be able to more fully integrate their language skills to better prepare them for the classroom.

Education students are not limited to the experiences listed above.  The Epicenter has information about many study abroad opportunities to fit your individual interests.  For programs that are of special interest to education majors, follow this link.

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Photo of HarrisburgHarrisburg Institute

The Harrisburg Institute offers students the opportunity to live and serve in the city of Harrisburg, while taking classes at Grantham.  A shuttle provides transportation to and from Harrisburg for these students. Community engagement is an expectation for Harrisburg Institute residents, and many of the programs relate to your interest in working with school-age students in a range of possibilities from mentors/tutors or engagement with the arts or sports.


Education students can earn college credit and valuable experience by scheduling to complete a practicum in schools. Typically, students would choose a topic to explore that would not normally be included in a student teaching experience or that would supplement a student teaching experience in a particular focus. 

Tutoring Opportunities

Many education students use their skills and desire to teach as community volunteers in tutoring programs.  A Tutoring and Literacy program is administered by the Agape Center.  Students can practice their skills while they help meet the needs of our local community.

Department Honors Program

Students who wish to pursue Education Department honors collaborate with two or more faculty members to develop an Honors project. Because of the Professional Semester during the senior year, Education students need to begin the Honors sequence (EDUC 497 and 498) during their junior year. Please speak with your academic advisor for more information.

College Honors Program

Eligible Department of Education majors can participate in the College Honors Program.  The program offers students the opportunity to take interdisciplinary honors courses that meet general education requirements.  A final honors project allows the student to pursue research in an area of interest.  Application to Honors Program

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