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Meet our graduates

What happens after I graduate from Messiah?

Most of our graduates go on to be teachers in public and private schools where they have the opportunity to further their education on the graduate level.  Some of our students pursue graduate degrees to teach at the undergraduate and/or graduate level.  Other students decide to pursue careers outside of teaching and find that the principles they have learned in education serve them well as they work in other careers that they find better suited to their personality, lifestyle, and calling.

Find out what some of our recent Messiah alumni have been up to!

  • Aaron Carmichael-
    Aaron Carmichael ’06 Principal at Letort Elementary School

    The experiences I had at Messiah College prepared me to enter the educational field. I received a professional contract prior to graduating and started in a third grade classroom for the Carlisle Area School District. I quickly learned that my degree from Messiah College set me apart from other candidates.

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  • Alexis Shughart-
    Alexis Shughart ’20 Unexpected Opportunities to Serve through Teaching

    Sometimes learning leads to exciting unexpected opportunities! Where will YOUR journey take you at Messiah University?

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  • Ben Webber-
    Ben Webber ’17 Kindergarten Teacher at Kindergarten Academy

    Ben is a 2017 grad. He is currently working as a Kindergarten Teacher at Kindergarten Academy.

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  • Genna Heath-
    Genna Heath ’17 Fourth Grade ESL Teacher

    Genna is a 2017 Messiah grad who is now a Fourth Grade ESL Teacher. She teaches at Esperanza Academy Charter School in Kensington Philadelphia PA.

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  • Jean Ashton-
    Jean Ashton ’13 Sixth Grade Math Teacher at Emory H. Markle Intermediate School

    Messiah faculty work with students to help them find that perfect major no matter how many times they change their mind. I was fortunate enough to have supportive advisors and faculty helping me throughout my four years at Messiah, until I found my calling, middle level education (grades 4-8) with concentrations in math and social studies.

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  • Jordan Munoz-
    Jordan Munoz ’20 First teaching job looks unique for 2020 grad

    Art teacher figures out how to teach remotely and in person during the pandemic. Teaching roughly 600 children, she also records lessons while working between two elementary schools.

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  • Juliana Harris-
    Juliana Harris ’18 Program Presenter at Museum of Science in Boston

    After graduation, Juliana moved back to her home state of Massachusetts and began studying for a Master’s degree in Museum Education at Tufts University. Juliana currently works as a Program Presenter at the Museum of Science in Boston, Massachusetts.

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  • Kayla Desko-
    Kayla Desko ’15 Kindergarten Teacher at Kindergarten Academy

    It has been great to see how God has made my entire experience at Kindergarten Academy come full circle from junior field experience to a teacher with a classroom of my own. I know without a doubt that I wouldn’t be the teacher I am today if it wasn’t for my time at Messiah. The professors not only prepared me with the content I needed, but they showed me what it means to be an effective and influential teacher. If I hadn’t gone to Messiah I don’t think I would have been as prepared to be a Christian educator in a public school.

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  • Maggie Mancini-
    Maggie Mancini ’19 Elementary Life Skills Teacher

    In college, I had aspirations of the teacher I was going to be, as I'm sure you do, too! Don't lose sight of them in the first year, but also realize it may take you time to build up to them.

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  • Tyler Pursell-
    Tyler Pursell ’19 Seventh Grade STEM Teacher

    Tyler is a Class of 2019 grad who majored in Education with Teaching Certification in Grades 4-8. He had two concentrations: Math and Science. Tyler is utilizing the knowledge and skills he learned at Messiah to teach students in Seventh Grade STEM courses at East Pennsboro Middle in Pennsylvania. Tyler's advice for future teachers is, "In your first year of teaching, remember to give yourself grace. You will learn so much in your first year about pedagogy and students. Take what you learn, and allow it to make you a better educator each and every day."