Great Jobs, Great Lives

Messiah University Undergraduate Career and Outcome Data


Our Survey


The purpose of the annual first destination survey is to capture information on the employment and graduate school status of Messiah University alumni within six to nine months of graduation. For the purpose of this survey, the class of 2022 is defined as anyone who graduated in December 2021, May 2022 or August 2022.

Data Collection Methods

Statistics provided are based on information received through a variety of methods, including an electronic survey that was distributed via email; a survey completed on-campus prior to graduation; contact with department faculty; follow-up surveys; and updated professional profiles provided on social media sites like LinkedIn.

The collection process and reporting summary of results adheres to the professional guidelines set forth by NACE (the National Association for Colleges and Employers).

Response Rate

Through this extensive process, we obtained a 71% knowledge rate of the Class of 2022 knowledge rate is defined by NACE as the percent of graduates for which an institution has reasonable and verifiable information concerning the graduates post-graduation career activities.