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All of our majors will prepare you to be an effective teacher of diverse learners.  We believe that teachers are problem-solving professionals, so your program will develop your abilities to think, solve problems, and make decisions in critical areas such as instructional planning, instructional delivery, assessment, and classroom management.  In addition to your education coursework, you will develop a broad knowledge base by studying a wide variety of subjects such as mathematics, history, biology, literature, foreign language, psychology, and the arts.

Beginning early in your program, you will have opportunities to observe local public school classrooms. These focused visits help you learn about the roles and responsibilities of teachers and encourage you to evaluate your choice of teaching as a career.  As you progress in your program, you will be actively involved in classrooms as you design and implement your own instructional plans, assess your learners, and assist the classroom teacher with administrative tasks.

Your senior year culminates with an entire professional semester that includes a full-time 12-week student teaching experience. University supervisors and experienced classroom teachers work with you to develop your problem-solving and decision-making abilities in a public school classroom. The experience is designed to transition you from student to teacher.

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